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Erasmus+ Internship

TH OWL Students can complete a minimum 2-month internship in Europe with Erasmus+ and receive financial support for this. Even after your graduation you can be funded with Erasmus+ for a so-called "graduate internship".

An Erasmus+ internship stay offers many advantages!

You will receive the Erasmus+ mobility grant regardless of whether you receive an internship salary or not. The amount differs depending on the country group, duration and academic year. After prior consultation, your internship at TH OWL can be recognized. In addition, you can participate in a free, tutored online language course via Online Linguistic Support (OLS).

What are the participation requirements?

All students enrolled at TH OWL in a degree program leading to a recognized degree can participate in the Erasmus program. (Guest students cannot participate in ERASMUS+).

    NEW from 2021: Bachelor and Master students can participate from the 1st semester.
    The planned internship project must last a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 months. Per study phase (e.g. Bachelor or Master) you can be supported by ERASMUS+ funds for internships for up to 12 months in total.

Graduate/undergraduate students can be funded by Erasmus+ if....

  •     You want to do an internship in a public or private institution in one of the 34 participating program countries,
  •     You have at least two months of Erasmus+ funding remaining from the previous phase of your studies or have not been funded for more than ten months,
  •     you have been selected for funding by your home university within your last year of study of the respective study phase (Bachelor, Master, PhD),
  •     you are exmatriculated during the internship,
  •     the internship is completed within twelve months of your graduation.
  •     Due to the Corona pandemic, there is an exception for the 2019 and 2020 projects: graduate internships funded by these projects may be completed within eighteen (18) months of graduation.
Where can I do an internship with Erasmus+?

With Erasmus+, you can do an internship in any of the 27 EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey.

Erasmus and Brexit

With its withdrawal from the EU, the United Kingdom has also withdrawn from the Erasmus program. However, internships can still be funded from our 2020 project funds until the end of May 2023.

For interns, a Temporary Worker-Government Authorized Exchange visa (T5) is required under the Erasmus+ program for a stay in the UK. In order to apply for such a visa, participants must have a Certificate of Sponsorship, which is issued by the British Council for Erasmus+. The Certificate of sponsorship is a reference number that contains information about the position and the personal data of the participant and is valid for three months from the date of issue. The application for the reference number must be submitted to the British Council by the sending university and not by the individual sponsors. This process can take up to three weeks and is free of charge for German citizens.

The visa application can be completed online after presenting the reference number from the Certificate of sponsorship and costs 244 British pounds (German citizens receive a discount of 55 British pounds).

Those with visas must also pay an Immigration Health Surcharge for access to the NHS, the public health service. For students, the fee is 470 British pounds annually.

In the Tier5 (GAE) category, there is no minimum salary requirement. However, it is also regulated that students must prove their living expenses through the Erasmus+ funding and/or internship salary and cannot apply for public benefits.

Further information can also be found on the DAAD website on Brexit.

Erasmus and Switzerland

Since Switzerland cannot officially participate in the Erasmus+ program at the moment, the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) was created. The SEMP is very similar to the Erasmus program and supports internships in Swiss companies.  However, unlike Erasmus+, the scholarships are provided by the Swiss side. Internships must be organized through a Swiss tertiary level institution, usually a partner institution.

How to apply

Stays abroad in the winter semester or summer semester

application deadlineconditions
at least 4 weeks before start of the internshipInternship contract with a company with activities related to the study and in an Erasmus+ program country in the EU-as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey.

Application documents

The following documents must be submitted to the International Office in full and on time

For support we advise you to read the following auxiliary documents:

Please send all documents in one PDF (max. 10MB) by e-mail
What happens next?

After receiving your application, the International Office will check your documents for completeness. You will receive a response from the International Office within 2 weeks after receipt of your application

What Erasmus+ funding do I get?

The monthly scholarship amount depends on the destination country, as the funding rates are based on the respective cost of living. In the project year 2021 (WiSe 2021 and SoSe 2022), the following funding rates apply:

GroupFunding ratescountries
Group 1monthly
750 Euro
Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden
Group 2monthly
690 Euro
Eastland, Grece, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Chypre.
Group 3monthly
690 Euro
Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary
Top-Up for participants with fewer opportunitiesmonthly + 250 Euro


  •     Students with a disability of 20 GdB or more
  •     Students who take their child/children with them to the Erasmus+ stay and are a single parent during the Erasmus+ mobility there.
  •     Students from a non-academic background
  •     Working students with a monthly income of 451-850 EUR.

    Please consider explanations in the Honorary Declaration for top-up.

Green Mobility Top-Upone time 50 EuroTravel by sustainable means of transport (train, bus or car-sharing).
Please consider explanations in the Honorary Declaration for top-up.

*When the UK left the EU, it also withdrew from the Erasmus program. However, stays in the UK can still be funded from our 2020 project funds until the end of May 2023.

Short-term stays abroad with virtual phases (only in special cases)

  •     5-14 days physical mobility 70 Euro per day
  •     15-30 days physical mobility 50 Euro per day

Funding conditions

The first installment of the Erasmus+ Mobility Grant (80% of the total amount) will be received by the funded students, provided that all required documents have been submitted, approximately three to four weeks before departure.
You will receive the second installment (20% of the total amount) after your internship abroad, once you have submitted all required

Erasmus+ internship abroad explained step by step

You would like to do an internship abroad with ERASMUS+ and have already informed yourself and applied at the International Office? Here f you will find the most important steps for the process of an internship abroad with ERASMUS+ explained.

Erasmus+and coronavirus: current information

On the DAAD website you will find important and up-to-date information or answers to your questions related to the Corona crisis.