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Erasmus+ Internship abroad

You would like to do an internship abroad with ERASMUS+ and have already informed yourself and applied at the International Office? Here you will find the most important steps for the process of an internship abroad with ERASMUS+.


Before the mobility

I have the confirmation from the International Office - what happens next?

If you already have an internship in mind and/or have already received an internship, you should submit the Erasmus+ Internship Application with the other requested documents as a PDF file at least four weeks before the start of the internship.

You will receive a response from the International Office within 2 weeks after receipt of the application. Based on the data from your department and from your employer, we can calculate the amount of your Erasmus grant and issue the grant agreement.

(Online) Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement must be signed in full before your stay abroad.

In the Learning Agreement, you enter the objectives and duration of the internship in cooperation with the employer. At the same time, the Learning Agreement states whether and for what purpose the internship at TH OWL will be recognized. Please contact the international coordinator of your department if you need help. The Learning Agreement is signed by the chairman of the examination board of your department, by the employer and by you.

Starting with the summer semester 2022, Learning Agreements will be concluded online. We will publish more information about this shortly.

Answers to many questions about the Learning Agreement can be found in the Guide.

Payment of the Erasmus+ grant

The financial support is intended as a so-called mobility grant to help offset the increased cost of living in the host country and is not intended as a scholarship in the classic sense.

The funding rates are calculated on a daily basis, whereby a month is always considered to be 30 days. Funding start and end dates are calculated based on the internship periods in the internship contract.

If possible, 80% of the grant amount will be paid out before the start of the internship abroad, once the signed Grant Agreement and Learning Agreement are available. You will receive the remaining 20% after submitting all required final documents at the end of your stay.

Additionally, you can apply for Auslands-BAfoeG and/or apply for a TH OWL scholarships

OLS language test and courses

The OLS (Online Language Support) is an interactive learning platform and consists of 2 components:

Online Language Test (mandatory): All students participating in ERASMUS+ must take a language test before their stay. The language test is conducted in the language of instruction. Native speakers are not required to take a test. The placement test has no effect on the participation in ERASMUS+ as the students are already selected.

Online language course (optional): Provided that the first language test was completed with a score of A1 to B1, you will automatically be assigned an OLS language course in the language of instruction. If you already have good to very good language skills in the language of instruction and complete the first language test with a score of B2 or better, you may be assigned a language course in the language of instruction. Participation is an offer and not compulsory

insurance during the internship

Required insurance coverage

Participation in the Erasmus program does not include any insurance coverage. It is obligatory for Erasmus interns to be insured against liability damages they cause at work and for accidents they suffer at work. These insurances can be taken out by the employer, but also by the intern him/herself.

The following insurances must be taken out by the interns themselves for the duration of the stay abroad:

  •     Internationally valid health insurance (incl. medical repatriation and repatriation costs in case of death)
  •     Accident insurance (covers accidents at home and at work)
  •     Liability insurance (covers damages in the private sphere as well as at the workplace)
  •     International health insurance (taken out in Germany or in the destination country) - must also cover pandemic cases (the DAAD group insurance also covers this).

In addition, you should be in possession of a European health insurance card. However, please note that even with the European Health Insurance Card, medical care may be insufficient in many medical cases. Also a return transport to Germany is not included in this insurance coverage. Therefore, inquire with your German health insurance company about the benefits provided by your foreign partners and, if in doubt, take out additional health insurance abroad.

Before the start of the internship, the Erasmus+ Internship Insurance Declaration must be completed and submitted to the International Office.

during the mobility

Certifical of Arrival

Ask your employer to fill out and to sign the Certificate of Arrival. Keep the document in a safe place and submit it to us upon your return. You can also scan the document directly after signing it and send it to us by e-mail.
It is important that the document is signed and dated at the beginning of your stay.

changes in your Learning Agreement

If there are any changes to the events agreed upon in the Learning Agreement at the beginning of your stay abroad, you must enter them in the second part of the Learning Agreement 'Changes during mobility'.

The amended Learning Agreement must be signed in full by all 3 parties and sent to the International Office of TH OWL within 5 weeks after the start of the internship.

Extend your semester abroad

If you are considering extending your stay, this is possible in principle. An extension of your stay must be approved informally in writing by the ERASMUS+ university coordinator of the TH OWL and by your employer. In addition, a corresponding exchange quota must be agreed in the ERASMUS+ contract.

Please inform the International Office immediately about your plans, but at the latest 30 days before the end of your originally planned stay. Further financial support cannot be guaranteed, but will be checked by the International Office.

No further Learning Agreement needs to be submitted in case of an extension.

After the mobility

Final documents

You have successfully completed your internship abroad or are about to do so? In order for us to pay you the second installment of your Erasmus+ grant, you must submit the following final documents by email or online within 30 days after the end of your stay abroad:

  •     EU Survey/Online Survey - you will receive an invitation by email.
  •     Confirmation of Stay - download template here
  •     Field Report - download cover sheet here
  •     Traineeship Certificate (Qualified Certificate and/or Part After the Mobility -Table D - Traineeship Certificate by the Receiving Organization/Enterprise in the Learning Agreement)
  •     Europass if applicable