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Study and application

Degree-Seeking Students

The TH OWL offers over 50 bachelor's and master's degrees and excellent study conditions for young people from all over the world.

Here you will find information on all Bachelor's and Master's degree programs at TH OWL, including the duration and location of the study, as well as the contact to the academic advisory service. Find your program!

Most degree programs are offered in German, however there are master’s programs in which the language of instruction is English. The following master degree´s are offered in English:

If you are a Non-EU applicant for a bachelor's and master's degree, please complete your application through uni-assist, the service for international student applications. By uni-assist, all applications are checked in advance and then forwarded to the TH OWL. An additional online application via the TH OWL homepage is not necessary if you have applied through Uni Assist.

How do I apply to TH OWL?

Application procedure

Would you like to apply to one of our many bachelor's or master's programs at TH OWL?
Here you will find the important information and necessary steps to complete your application.

Applicants from the European Union

If you are applying within the European Union, please contact the enrolment service and apply via our university portal.

Deadlines for the Bachelor's degree:

July 15th of each year (restricted admission);
October 15 (non restricted admission)
for the study start in the winter semester
(Duration: September 1st to February 28th)

March 15th of a year
for the study start in the summer semester
(Duration: March 1st to August 31st)

Master's degree deadlines:

The application deadlines for our master’s degree programs vary from degree to degree. Please find out more about your desired degree program here!

Applicants from a country outside the European Union

If you have completed your secondary school certificate (High school, A levels) or bachelor´s degree from a non-EU country, please apply via Uni Assist. Through Uni Assist you can view and apply for all of the study programs of TH OWL by selecting Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe as the university section or typing in our campus locations Lemgo, Detmold or Höxter in the search criteria.

Application deadlines for Bachelor's degree:

Winter semester:
June 15th of each year (restricted admission);
July 15th (non-restricted programs)

Bachelor programs are only open to apply for during the winter semester (Duration: September 1st to February 28th)

Master's degree deadlines:

The application deadlines for our master’s degree programs vary from program to program. Please find details on your desired degree program here!

Since your home grading system very likely does not correspond to the German system, you must convert your average grade using the Bavarian formula and then enter this in your online application.

what should I know?

Information about uni-assist

Who has to apply through uni assist?

NON-EU Applicants if

  • have not obtained their university entrance qualification (Abitur, Baccalauréat, Diploma, etc.) or their first university degree (Bachelor) in Germany
  • have already completed a preparatory course in Germany, or
  • do not have a Allgemeine Hochschulreife or Fachhochschulreife issued by a German school abroad.

This also applies if

  •     you are a German citizen or
  •     are already or have been enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's program at another German university with foreign certificates and would like to transfer to TH OWL.

Uni-assist checks on behalf of the TH OWL whether your foreign certificates meet the requirements of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (Kultusministerkonferenz - ZaB) and are sufficient for university admission.

It may be that your school certificate acquired in your home country is bound to a certain selection of subjects, for example because it was taken in a certain subject area (Série/Stream).

Since the courses offered by TH OWL are courses with a high technical content, your field of study must be of a technical, mathematical or scientific nature (Série technique, mathematique, scientifique / Scientific Stream).

The only exceptions are the degree programs Business Administration, International Logistics and the Master's degree programs Management of Medium-Sized Enterprises and International Logistics Management. Here, the specialization (Série literature/Literary Stream) may have been acquired.

If you are graduating from a German Studienkolleg, you must make sure to take the so-called "T-course", in exception the "W-course" for the above-mentioned economics courses.

What documents must be attached to the application?

Officially certified copies and translations (by a publicly appointed or sworn interpreter) of the following documents must be attached to the application:

  •  Foreign university entrance qualification (school leaving certificate, for example, A-Levels, High School Diploma, Baccalaureate, etc.)
  •  Grade summary(s) (of the baccalaureate, final exam, last year of school
  • Proof of studies (university entrance examination, enrollment certificate, grade overview(s), graduation certificate, diploma) indicating the field or course of study

  • Proof of German language skills

  • Photocopy of your passport/residence permit

How to apply through uni-assist?

First, create your own profile on uni-assist. You will find the courses offered by TH OWL under the Hochschule "Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-lippe".

  •     upload all documents online In the applicant portal.

Please do not send originals to TH OWL. Please also know the processing fees charged by uni-assist.

In case of a successful check, uni-assist will automatically forward your application documents to TH OWL. Therefore, you do not need to apply directly to us.

Important: If you need a visa for study purposes to enter Germany, you can already apply for this with the message from uni-assist that your application has been forwarded to us. You can find some useful information about the visa application procedure here.

Your admission is generally not valid for a later semester.

Application deadlines

    Deadlines Bachelor Programs

    For Winter 2023/24 the application deadline for allnon restricted Bachelor programs is July 15, 2023. For restricted Bachelor programs, the deadline is June 15, 2023.

    The application deadline for all higher semesters in the Bachelor's program is March 15 each year for the summer semester and September 15 each year for the winter semester.

    Deadline for Master programs

    The application deadlines for master’s degree programs vary from program to program. Please find details on your desired degree program here!

    Good to know:

    The deadline of the university is the deadline at uni-assist. Your documents must be complete and in the required form at uni-assist before the application deadline. Payment of processing fees must also be received by uni-assist before the deadline.

    We recommend applying as early as possible. This way you can be informed in time if you have to submit missing documents (always via uni-assist!).

    How do I know if my high school diploma/graduation is sufficient?

    For studying in Germany, you need an educational qualification with which you can also study in your home country. This means:

    •     completed secondary school
    •     passed university entrance exam (if this exam exists in your home country).
    •     In some cases, you must have already studied at a recognized university in your home country or have previously attended the Studienkolleg in Germany.

    Country-specific application requirements: Use the DAAD's information service to find out about specific application requirements for your country of origin.

    What language skills do I need to prove?

    German language skills are mandatory for successful studies at TH OWL. The courses (lectures, exercises and seminars) are usually held in German. Therefore, all applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification must provide evidence of appropriate language skills.

    The following language certificates are recognized:

    •     TestDaF examination with at least 16 points
    •     German language examination for university admission (DSH) with at least DSH level 2, taken by a university (no private language institutes!)
    •     Passed German examination as part of the assessment test at a Studienkolleg (preparatory course)
    •     certificate of passing the Goethe Institut examination C1
    •     telc German C1
    •     ÖSDC C1

    Phase 1: during the application period at uni-assist
    In phase 1 you only need a B2 language certificate, no special format is required

    Phase 2: during the enrollment period at TH OWL
    In phase 2 you need to show one of the language certificates listed here before

    For the Industrial Food and Bioproduction program, in addition to the German language certificate, French language certificate with a minimum level of B2 is required.

    For our international master's programs, specific language proficiency in English must be demonstrated.