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The Accelerator is the primary destination for all young start-ups in the fields of Industrial IoT (IIoT), food technology, and their intersections. With a tailor-made and flexible accelerator program designed specifically for you, we guide you through the iterative development and design process until your product achieves product-market fit. Afterward, we assist you in the industrialization of your product by helping you obtain certifications and establishing production and distribution channels. Beyond just technical expertise, we also provide experiences, knowledge, tools (software/hardware), contacts with business partners, and machinery for all these tasks. This gives you the opportunity to successfully launch your product ideas into the market.


For young start-ups, the progression from technical prototypes to market-ready products presents a significant and often formidable challenge (see Figure 1). For instance, IoT prototypes necessitate an iterative engineering and design process, involving close collaboration with prospective customers through multiple cycles of refinement until achieving the elusive Product-Market Fit. Simultaneously, the products must undergo industrialization post final validation, encompassing the development of casings, attainment of certifications, and establishment of production and distribution channels. Similar complexity arises in the evolution of food prototypes towards commercial viability.

In addition, there exists a demand for requisite infrastructure and substantial financial resources. Beyond mere technical expertise, these tasks require augmented experiences, knowledge, tools (software/hardware), and machinery.

The industry possesses the requisite experiences, knowledge, contacts, and infrastructures crucial for the market introduction of physical products. This is where the Accelerator comes into play. In close collaboration with industry partners, it acts as a catalyst for the development of cutting-edge physical products, providing founders with a unique opportunity to genuinely usher their physical product concepts into the market successfully. Initially, the Accelerator concentrates on products within the realms of Industrial IoT (IIoT), food technology, as well as the intersecting domain where both disciplines converge—markedly pronounced within TH OWL.




Subject-matter experts with strong networking

We support start-ups through subject-matter experts with strong connections to the relevant departments and business networks of TH OWL. In addition to their advisory role, these experts organize access to infrastructures and industry insiders for start-ups, facilitate contacts (clients, partners, investors), and assist in product and business model development.

Coaching & Networking


Access to Existing Infrastructure

Start-ups are granted unrestricted access to the existing infrastructure (machines, facilities, software tools) of TH OWL, as well as to infrastructures provided by dedicated partners. Additionally, founders receive orientation and assistance pertaining to the respective infrastructures.

Our laboratories


Organization of Regular Networking Events

The organization of regular networking events, such as the execution of hackathons and networking gatherings within the OWL start-up ecosystem, particularly involving start-ups and entrepreneurial centers across other universities in OWL, is also an integral part of the Accelerator. As part of the networking concept, bilateral meetings with selected partners are arranged for start-ups on a regular basis. The goal is to closely integrate start-ups into local and regional networks, including CIIT, ICL, it’s OWL, OWL Maschinenbau, the Food Processing Initiative, and numerous others.



Co-Working Space

Provision of a complimentary co-working space for start-ups at the Innovation Campus Lemgo, situated in close proximity to the technical infrastructures, office and interaction areas of the Accelerator, and the OWL Incubator.

Our laboratories


Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is provided through personalized investor connections and the arrangement of investor events. Additionally, a scholarship program for participants of the OWL Accelerator is being envisaged.



If you need more information or would simply like to exchange ideas with us, please contact Sergej Grunau: