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Our labs


The three labs – the IA-Lab, FoodLab, and KreativLab – provide space and equipment to develop ideas, nurture them, and implement them practically. Whether individually or as a team, these facilities are available to all those interested in entrepreneurship. Feel free to reach out to the coaches if you're eager to experiment and work on your startup idea in the labs. The coaches will also provide you with expert advice during your time in the labs.


The IA-Lab is located in the SmartFactory OWL at the Innovation Campus Lemgo. It provides electronic workstations, workshop stations, and measuring equipment for creating and testing innovative products in the IT/Electronics field.

The electronic workstations offer resources to implement prototypes using breadboards, develop and manufacture boards in a simple form, and then assemble them at soldering stations. The computers at the workstations have software for modeling and programming.

Equipment at the electronics workstations:

  • Soldering stations with desoldering pump
  • Hot air soldering station
  • Computers for programming and modelling

The workshop workstations have various machines for manufacturing and processing products. For example, housings made of raw materials such as metal, plastic, glass and wood can be machined with fine milling machines or lathes or printed with 3D printers.

Devices at the workshop workstations:

  • 3D printer SLA
  • 3D printer PLA: printing dimensions 500x500x1000 mm
  • Fine milling machine
  • Lathe
  • Welding machine
  • Various hand tools
  • Bench drill
  • Sheet metal bender

The measuring equipment allows testing circuits for functionality. It includes function generators as well as oscilloscopes. The climate chamber enables long-term testing of products under simulated climate conditions.

    Instruments of measurement technology:

    • Oscilloscope and function generator
    • Climate chamber

    The BigRep Studio G2 3D printer is also part of the equipment. With its closed housing and generous construction volume, it offers the possibility of producing prototypes or products that go beyond the small construction space of conventional 3D printers.

    • 1000 x 500 x 500 mm printing dimensions
    • Controlled production environment due to the closed housing
    • BOFA air filter system
    • Processing of filaments such as polyamide, ASA, carbon fibre reinforced plastics etc.

    If you have an innovative idea in the IT/Electronics field and need support or resources to implement it, or if you already have a prototype and want to take the next steps, feel free to reach out to the IA-Lab Team and contact Sergej Grunau via email with your story:


    The FoodLab is located in Room 1.712 on the Innvation Campus Lemgo. Here, you have the opportunity to experiment in the areas of food, beverages, and cosmetics, work on initial product prototypes, and to unleash your creativity. In addition to workspaces for team meetings, the FoodLab provides equipment for practical work on ideas.

    The FoodLab is equipped with:

    • Ice cream maker
    • Food processor
    • Thermomix
    • Plant drink maker
    • Dehydrator
    • Oven and cooktops
    • Deep Fryer
    • Water bath
    • Mincer
    • Yoghurt maker
    • Waffle cup maker
    • and much more

    As well as with analytical equipment for evaluating product characteristics and their shelf life.

    There is also the opportunity to use equipment and facilities from the technical labs, such as those in Beverage Technology:

    • Princess Candy (laboratory cooking system for the production of sweets such as fruit gums)
    • magicPlant (laboratory mixer and homogeniser for the production of, for example, creams and mayonnaises)
    • Filling plant (for carbonating and filling beverages)
    • Climatic cabinet (for shelf life studies)
    • Freeze dryer
    • Coating kettle
    • CO 2 extraction plant
    • Laboratory bioreactor
    • and much more

    From the idea to your own small sample batch, we offer our support. We also provide you access to a network for exchanging experiences with other founders, as well as experts in the food and cosmetics industry. Together with you, we develop an individualized coaching program tailored to your needs, with modules such as product development, raw material sourcing, food law consulting, sensory tests, or shelf-life studies.

    From idea to product... The Food Team is happy to support you at any time. Just reach out to Imke, Britta, and Hanna at this email address:


    The KreativLab is part of the Campus Foundery OWL. It is located on the Innovation Campus in room 2.121 and offers comprehensive equipment for all audiovisual media. The services are available to all students and staff at the Institute for Science in Dialogue (IWD). If you are interested or need more information, contact

    On-site, you will find:

    • Photo studio with a professional flash system and product photography table
    • Microphones for recording podcasts or interviews
    • Video cameras for Vlogs, advertisement, short films, etc.
    • Video studio with green screens and livestreaming equipment
    • Cutting plotter for cutting vinyl
    • Inkjet plotter for printing posters

    Here you can find a complete list of the equipment you can borrow.
    Here you can find the terms and conditions for borrowing and using the equipment.
    Here you can find a calender with the room bookings.

    The contacts for the KreativLab are Jan Lukas Fründ, Timo Schäferkordt, and Jan Pilgrim.

    Library for Founders

    Founders and those interested in setting up a business can borrow literature on all topics from legal forms to marketing and sales strategies to inspiring founder biographies from the start-up library in the acceleratorspace (InnoSPIN) .

    Lending takes place on a contract basis and is supported by an online booking system that can be conveniently accessed via a QR code. The instructions can be found at the start-up library and here in digital form.