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The Exzellenz Start-up Center.OWL (ESC.OWL) pursues the goal of creating an internationally visible beacon for start-up culture in OWL, one of the most innovative economic and scientific regions in Germany. As the applicant, the University of Paderborn comprehensively integrates the actors of the regional start-up ecosystem into the ESC.OWL. This also includes the universities of applied sciences in OWL, which enable a far-reaching activation of the start-up potential for the ESC.OWL by establishing start-up professorships and technology scouts. At TH OWL, the focus is on the creative and cultural industries, with an emphasis on the Detmold Creative Campus, in order to raise awareness of the topic of start-ups in this area. Considering that, two transfer scouts and a professorship for Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship are being financed via ESC.OWL for TH OWL.