Automated Materials-handling Technology

The role automation technology is playing in modern mechanical and plant engineering is growing in importance. An optimum functionality is only attained when the mechanical engineering design and the automation technology are fully in tune with each other.

Because of their long development many competitive machines show a similar design level so that apart from some economical aspects the capital spending decision is mainly taken on the grounds of the automation technology that is applied. An example of this is the materials-handling technology which to an increasing extent has to meet automated material flow requirements.

Consequently there is a need for devising the courses of a modern engineer education so that these demands are met. Today a mechanical engineer must have automation technology knowledge so that he can be regarded as a competent partner for the automation specialist.

The most important task of the “automated materials-handling technology” laboratory is to provide practically relevant know how on automation technology and to assist the appropriate theoretical courses.

Further information about this laboratory is only given in German.