Thermodynamics and Power Technology

Thermal and temperature phenomina play an important role in many technical and mechanical engineering situations. The energy required by our technical world is mainly produced by the combustion of fuels. Heat is produced in power stations, engines and gas turbines. Heat is being produced, distributed and used. This requires heat transfer systems. Thermophysical phenomena such as the thermal linear extension, the thermoelectrical effect, changes of the state of materials, phase transitions such as evaporation, condensation and freezing or the conduction of heat are extremely interesting. But it is not always easy to understand and describe the behaviours in practical applications. This is where laboratory experiments or calculations provide the proper solutions.

In the thermodynamics and power technology laboratory experiments are carried out:

  • as part of the thermodynamics (MTD) and refrigeration (MKT) technology and heat conduction (MWU) courses,
  • within the framework of research projects as well as
  • within the framework of commissioned research work.

Further information about this laboratory is only given in German.