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How can I de-register from the university?

Students can de-register from the university when they:

  • are ending their degree program because they have passed their examinations,
  • are ending their degree program without completing examinations,
  • want to move to a different university,
  • want to interrupt their degree program,
  • want to end their degree program but have not passed their final examinations.

De-registration is only available upon request from the registration office. You can find the form in the KIS-Portal.


If you de-register after the start of the semester, the current semester will be counted as a semester of university studies on your de-registration certificate and your enrollment certificate. Students may not take further examinations after they have de-registered. Students will not be reimbursed for student union and AStA (student committee) fees in this case. The NRW ticket may be reimbursed on a proportional basis. To receive reimbursement, you must complete this request and submit it to the de-registration office by April 15th (summer semester) or October 15th (winter semester).

Students who de-register should turn in their student Ids (KIS-OWL). You can turn in your KIS-OWL card to the S(Kim) service point. If you still have credit on your card, you can have the amount reimbursed by submitting a request to the student union.


De-registration office
E-mail: immatrikulationsamt(at)


Doubts about your degree program

You may experience doubts about your degree program for a variety of reasons: Feeling unsatisfied with your department, not passing your exams, or having difficulties with the subject matter. Your life circumstances may have changed, or you may have personal issues that are preventing you from continuing your studies.

Don't just throw in the towel! We can support and advise you in such situations with a variety of services.

Advising services