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Your journey to TH OWL


Dear prospective student, in order to make your personal path to TH OWL as clear as possible, we have listed and explained all the necessary steps up to your enrollment on this website. Start with a brief review of your initial situation and then begin with your personal application. We look forward to welcoming you in person soon!

  • Review – Does everything fit for my application?
  • Appy – All the necessary steps up to enrollment.
Is everything right?


Choice of degree program

Have you selected your desired degree program from our study programs and have reached this page from there?

Yes! Great, then everything is fine!

No! – If you have not yet decided on one of our degree programs, you are welcome to get an overview of our wide range of courses.

University entrance qualification (HZB)

Where did you obtain your highest educational qualification?

Outside the European Union (EU)! Great, then everything is fine!

Within the European Union (EU)! In this case, please navigate to these instructions for your application.

Please note: The decisive factor for the application process is the origin of your university entrance qualification (HZB), not your nationality.

Preliminary verification documentation (VPD)

Have you already received a preliminary verification documentation (VPD) from Uni-Assist that is not older than two years?

No! In this case, everything is fine.

Yes! – Then please navigate to this checklist.

Review completed

The following steps of the checklist for your application include all points up to your final enrollment at the TH OWL. As some of these steps take a long time, we recommend that you save this page as a bookmark in your web browser. In this way, you will always receive an assessment of the current status when you call up this page and, if necessary, you will also find contact addresses at the end of this website.

Navigate now to your application for a study place at TH OWL.

8 steps to your enrollment


Step 1: Register at Uni-Assist

Uni-Assist will check your international application documents on our behalf. By registering, you activate your personal application account with Uni-Assist.


Step 2: Log in and apply at Uni-Assist

After registering, you can start your application process at Uni-Assist. In the Uni-Assist portal, confirm your desired degree program by making the appropriate selection and fill out the application forms. Please submit the required documents in full to ensure that your application is reviewed positively.

Please note: It can take up to four weeks for Uni-Assist to check your application documents.


Step 3: Result of formal review of Uni-Assist

After a positive review of your documents, the so-called evaluation report is created, which documents all results. This is valid for two years and contains the preliminary examination documentation (VPD). Your application data will be sent to us by Uni-Assist together with the evaluation report. You do not need to do anything else at this point.

Step 4: Apply for a visa

After receiving a positive evaluation report, please take care of your visa in good time so that we can guarantee a punctual start. The report issued by Uni-Assist is sufficient as a basis for the application.

Step 5: Account KIS-Portal

Once your application data has been successfully submitted, it will be imported into our KIS-Portal. We will generate a corresponding account for you for our KIS-Portal, which we will send you promptly by e-mail. It is not necessary to register again.


Step 6: Admission decision

After an internal review of your application, you will receive a notification with important information for the enrollment process. You will receive a notification from the KIS-Portal.

Please note: Depending on your choice of degree program and admission requirements, the formal and technical review may take some time. Please be patient.

Step 7: Enroll (matriculate)

After you have received your letter of admission, you can apply for enrolment online at the TH OWL (online enrolment).

In addition to some statistical information, we require the following for enrollment

  • the semester fee,
  • the electronic health insurance certificate and
  • the documents to be submitted as specified in the letter of admission.

For more detailed information, please refer to the letter of admission.


Step 8: Welcome e-mail

As soon as you have fulfilled all enrollment requirements, you will be enrolled as a student. You will receive a welcome e-mail to help you set up your personal onboarding at TH OWL: Welcome to TH OWL!

Do you have any questions?


Please contact us:

Phone: +49 5261 702 2534
E-mail: studierendenservice(at)
Service hours: Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.