Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Architecture, part-time

Architects plan, design and draft buildings and other structures. They work on a variety of scales to do so, from urban development concepts to detailed design. Our ten-semester Bachelor’s program teaches professional expertise and lays the groundwork for a continued Master's degree program.

Do you want to design the built environment? Are you interested in drafting urban spaces and buildings? Do you want to visualize your ideas and creatively develop design details with a wide range of different materials?

This part-time degree program provides an alternative, practical way to fulfill the statutory requirements of the NRW Construction Chamber Act by ensuring the minimum standard program length for the subject of architecture. Therefore, students are entitled to register with the NRW Chamber of Architects if they fulfill the other requirements. Completing the Bachelor’s examination allows students to enter into the consecutive Master’s program. 


The field of architecture, and everyday work in planning firms, have changed dramatically in recent years. The boundaries between architecture, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning have become less clear, as today's planning duties increasingly require an integrated approach to designing the built environment. The curriculum of this practical degree program takes this broad range of requirements into consideration.

Graduates can apply for careers in all areas of architecture, in particular in private planning firms, as well as in public administration, real estate and project development, and in the construction and construction materials industry.

In addition, the Bachelor's degree qualifies students to enter a consecutive Master’s program.

Entry requirements

Abitur exam / vocational baccalaureate diploma or another equivalent qualification

Eight-week basic internship, which must be completed and certified in full by September 28th, 2020 at the latest (start of lectures for the 20/21 winter semester). If you will not be able to complete your internship before the start of lectures, please submit a provisional certification from the company for registration purposes.

When switching from the full-time Architecture BA to the practical part-time Architecture BA:

  • Completing all modules in the first three semesters and at least two mandatory modules in the fourth semester
  • Submitting an internship contract with an appropriate company or firm
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Special regulation for basic internship in case of application for WS 2020/21 due to the COVID 19 crisis:

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the basic internship does not have to be completed before the start of studies for admission to WS 2020/21. The basic and the specialized internship can be combined and replaced by an 8-week internship, which can be done either in a crafts enterprise or in an office. The deadline by which this 8-week internship must be completed corresponds to the deadline for the specialist internship.


Projects, elective subjects and cumulative modules


The part-time Bachelor’s program has a modular structure, and is ten semesters long:

  • Four semesters of full-time studies
  • One internship semester
  • Four part-time semesters, divided into two days of studying, three days of practice in a firm/company
  • One semester of full-time work to complete the thesis

At the end of the fourth semester, students must submit verification that they have found an internship position. After the sixth semester, students will switch between study and internship phases on week days based on a part-time schedule. This will be binding for the entire semester and set at the start of the semester. Coursework will be completed on two weekdays, or on Saturdays in special cases, or through a compact course (such as an excursion). Internship work at a firm/company should be 18 hours long - and last at least 15 weeks per semester. This work should teach relevant skills, knowledge and expertise through professional practice, and help students understand planning, technical, economic, social and legal contexts and interactions between corporate processes.


Sarina Szymon
Coordination of part-time studies in architecture/interior design
Phone: +495231 769 6859
E-mail sarina.szymon(at)


Topics: Architecture and Interior Architecture, Construct and Design

Start: Winter semester
Duration: 10 semester
Foreign semester: Optional
Credit points: 240 ECTS

Location: Detmold
Department: Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture

Mode of study: Part-time
Cooperative study : Cooperative study

Course language: German

Chamber ability: Yes

Central Student Advisory Service

Phone: +49 5261 702 2535
Email: studienberatung(at)


Restricted acceptance

Preparatory course

Mathematics, Physics, English

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