Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Business Administration

The Bachelor's program in Business Administration teaches academic skills as well as general business fundamentals. Over the course of the degree program, graduates will hone their personal profiles and become qualified for commercial specialist and management positions at different companies.

The contents of the different coursework modules are coordinated to cover all business-related and adjacent corporate areas. During the first section of the program, students will learn business administration fundamentals (bookkeeping, investment and financing, cost and performance accounting, marketing, production management and economic fundamentals) as well as general basic subjects like business informatics, business mathematics and statistics, private business law and business English. During the main program phase after the fourth semester, they can take both mandatory modules (financial accounting, organization theory, personnel management and choice of corporate structure and taxation) and elective modules to match their individual preferences.

The degree program alternates lecture courses with exercises, case studies and business simulation games. Lecture courses teach the content of each specific module. This content is then practiced and expanded through dialog and small-group exercises based on practical tasks. Case studies help students deal with realistic and complex questions they will face in their everyday work at companies. Business simulation games are primarily IT-based simulations where students independently make business decisions in small groups, learning directly about the effects their decisions have on companies, the competitive situation, or general market developments. Students expand and reinforce their methodological expertise through teamwork and personal achievement.


Thanks to the general approach taken by this degree program, graduates can apply for a wide range of different positions in the business field:

  • Managing Director
  • Financial and accounting departments
  • Controlling and cost management
  • Marketing, sales and/or customer service
  • Purchasing management
  • Production management
  • Project management
  • Corporate advising
  • Tax advising and/or auditing (assistance)
  • Internal audit
  • Public administration (higher civil service)
  • Founder or successor of a company

Entry requirements

  • Abitur exam / vocational baccalaureate diploma or another equivalent qualification (master craftsman)
  • Six-week internship which must be completed by the end of the 3rd semester, by February 28th of the year, and not by the start of lecture courses in March! Further information on the internship is available here.


Students must select five of the following eight elective modules:

  • Advanced controlling
  • Advanced external financial reporting
  • Industrial economics
  • Production planning and controlling methods
  • Personnel management methods
  • Service marketing
  • Market and competition
  • Taxation and auditing case studies


The degree program is six semesters long, and students can complete different elective modules in addition to required modules on general and business-related fundamentals. An internship must be completed by the end of the third semester. Students will write their Bachelor's thesis during the sixth semester and defend it in a colloquium.


Topics: Economy, Management

Start: Winter semester
Duration: 6 semester
Foreign semester: Not required
Credit points: 180 ECTS

Location: Lemgo
Department: Business sciences

Mode of study: Full-time
Cooperative study : Cooperative study

Course language: German

Chamber ability: No

Central Student Advisory Service

Phone: +49 5261 702 2535
Email: studienberatung(at)


Restricted acceptance

Preparatory course

Mathematics, English

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