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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Digital Management Solutions

What future trends will shape the digitization of business? How is industrial AI used? How will the digital transformation take place? These are the types of questions you will answer in this degree program. Understand the mindset of mid-sized business to optimize operational performance and advance digital potential, in a distinctively practice-oriented, transformative degree program.

Your heart beats for...

... Future prospects, Innovations, Management, Programming, Team leadership, Practical part, Foreign language: English

A Degree Program with a Future

Type of Study

Our degree program is based on in-person teaching, supplemented with digital components. This makes it easier to balance studying with a career, family, and other obligations. 


You will bring one of the following educational backgrounds:

  • General university entrance qualification (Abitur)
  • Specialized university entrance qualification
  • Advanced technical college certificate (Fachhochschulreife)
  • Professional qualification (Case-by-case examination)
Structure and Contents of the Degree Program

1. Semester

  • Future trends
  • Introduction to programming with Python
  • Fundamentals of digitization
  • Fundamentals of innovation & invention
  • Academic work

2. Semester

  • Software development
  • Management in mid-sized companies
  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Digitization business models
  • Beginning business administration 1

3. Semester

  • Digital communication & media rhetoric
  • Change management & organizational development 1
  • Team dynamics & leadership 1
  • Agile project and process management 1
  • Beginning business administration 2

4. Semester

  • AI in industry
  • Change management & organizational development 2
  • Team dynamics & leadership 2
  • Agile project and process management 2
  • Legal fundamentals 

5. Semester

  • Application project ‘Digital transformation’

6. Semester

  • Business ethics
  • Compulsory elective subject 1
  • Compulsory elective subject 2
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Colloquium
Acquired Knowledge and Skills

The goals of this degree program are:

  • to teach business administration knowledge and methods, as well as fundamentals of technology and informatics
  • to illustrate the unique link between technological progress and the future viability of companies and organizations
  • to solidify and directly apply knowledge gained through participation in regional mid-sized businesses integrated into the program
  • to integrate you into operational strategies through your own projects, helping you to reflect on these strategies and advance them with a problem-solving mindset
Job Profiles

As a graduate of the degree program in Digital Management Solutions, you will be qualified to identify problems and make solution-oriented decisions in small and mid-sized businesses in many different industries. Thanks to the program's strong practical focus and close collaboration with regional companies, you will have good prospects for launching your career directly after the program. To do so, you will obtain the following competencies:

  • Broad understanding of digital processes and their societal impact
  • Software skills
  • Applied knowledge of management and marketing
  • Perceiving problems and solution-oriented approaches
  • Understanding of scientific methods and their application in a professional context
  • Ability to further develop strategies 
Cooperation With Companies

Practical modules are integrated throughout the degree program to make learning content directly applicable to a corporate context. As a student, you can gain contacts from the Works Council and from the regional network of the TH OWL. Practical components build up step by step in the course of the degree program – from internship to application project. The goal of this approach is to integrate you as a student into operational processes over the long term.

Research in the Department


  • Promoting start-ups 
  • Linking science, business, and society
  • Smart use of digital tools in knowledge delivery
  • Professional education


  • Innovative business models 
  • Industrial communication and technological knowledge transfer 
  • Digital twins and needs-based use of AI 

Our fields of research

As Graduate You Contribute to...

... the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

  • directly to industry, innovation and infrastructure

Studying at BildungsCampus Herford

The BildungsCampus in Herford

With the degree program "Digital Management Solutions", we offer a modern degree program in a fantastic historical setting of the BildungsCampus Herford. The campus is a former military site that has been extensively renovated and invites intensive learning in small groups. In the elegant rooms, ideas are transformed into modern business cases. In the main building, small office units are planned for start-up companies, and meeting rooms are offered for rent. The foyer will become a lounge and meeting area. The city center can be reached from the campus by bicycle in about ten minutes.

Campus Life


Degree Course:
Digital Management Solutions
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Study model:
Standard period of study:
6 semester
Winter semester
Course language:
BildungsCampus Herford
Tuition Fees:
Preparatory courses:
Application periods:

Germany and EU Countries
Winter Semester: 02.05. – 15.10.
Winter Semester: 02.05. – 15.10.
Non-EU Countries
Winter Semester: 15.04. – 15.07.
Currently no application possible