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Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Landscaping and Landscape Management

Landscape engineers work to create and maintain green spaces and outdoor areas. Technical and economic aspects play a key role in their work.

Landscaping is an industry that involves a wide variety of duties and requirements: From public green spaces to parks, traffic installations, sports and recreational facilities to private home gardens with ponds, and green rooftops and facades, this field services a broad range of areas.

The “Landscaping and Landscape Management” Bachelor’s program qualifies students to work in this diverse professional field by teaching them the landscaping expertise they need, alongside economic, technical, botanical, and planning fundamentals. The degree program includes two integrated internship semesters, creating an optimal blend of theory and practice. In addition to the full-time degree program, students can also complete the degree as a dual study program:  Professional training as a gardener in gardening and landscaping is included in the Landscaping degree program.


Graduates will be qualified for careers in the following areas:

  • Management in a gardening, landscaping or playing field construction company
  • Managing departments and companies involved in landscape management for municipalities in the housing sector, including
  • serving as an expert assessor (focus on garden, landscape and playing field construction, plant science and botany or arboriculture)
  • Construction management at a planning firm focused on property supervision
  • Project controlling
  • Commercial agent for products and services in the construction or landscaping industry

Entry requirements

  • Abitur exam / vocational baccalaureate diploma or another equivalent qualification (master craftsman)
  • Eight-week basic internship which must be completed and documented in full by September 20, 2021 (start of lectures of the winter semester 21/22) at the latest. If you can only complete your internship at the start of lectures, please present a provisional certificate from the company for registration.

    The basic internship is intended for activities in horticulture and landscaping, sports field construction, maintenance of green spaces, forestry. An education in horticulture and landscaping is recognized as basic internship.


Content areas: Technology, operations, landscaping, market and soft skills

The program focuses on duties related to planning, building and maintaining landscaped and outdoor areas, in particular operational processes for building new or renovated areas. In this context, students learn technical expertise, basic and specialized business administration knowledge, botany and landscape management content, learn about market requirements and learn soft skills like communication, marketing and digital instruments.

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The Landscaping degree program is divided into five phases. It includes basic training, advanced specialist courses, and two internship semesters (3rd and 6th semesters). Students write a Bachelor's thesis to conclude the degree program.

  • Semesters 1-2: Students learn basic knowledge across various fields of study alongside the Landscape Architecture degree program
  • Semesters 3 and 6: Internship semester
  • Semesters 4-5: Students select a focus area and build their profile across different fields of study through choosing electives; free selection of project topics

Dual students can study on the same schedule as their fellow students who are not in a dual study program, without losing time.

The module manual is currently being revised on the basis of the amended examination regulations and will be available again soon. If you have any questions about individual modules, please contact the examination office of the department.


Topics: Construct and Design, Energy and Climate, Environment and Nature protection, Landscape, Technology and Engineering
Start: Winter semester
Duration: 8 semester
Credit points: 240 ECTS
Mode of study: Full-time
Acceptance: Non-restricted
Dual study program: Possible
Course language: German
Foreign semester: Optional
Accredited by: AQAS e.V.
Preparatory course: no

Enrollment Period

Germany and EU Countries
Winter Semester: 15.04. – 15.10.
Non-EU Countries
Winter Semester: 15.04. – 15.07.
Currently no application possible

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