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Master of Arts (M.A.)

Media Production

The Master's degree program is designed for students interested in specializing in the field of media.

The program responds to the challenges posed by the ever-increasing digitization of the media and is geared to current trends in the media world. The Master's degree program addresses this both on a scientific and on an artistic-creative level. The choice of one's own focus of study enables individual specialization in the multifaceted media environment.

Study Contents

The three-semester consecutive Master's degree program is designed to build on the Bachelor's program of the same title. The master's program allows students to work in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary way and to specialize in one of the four areas of focus "Film & Production", "Design & Media", "VFX & Animation" or "Music & Film Informatics".

Film & Production covers the range of audiovisual productions in the areas of film, television and new media. It combines the artistic and technical realization of student projects with the theoretical and economic foundations of filmmaking.

Design & Media covers the range of applied and experimental forms of expression in visual and audiovisual design. In addition to teaching appropriate syntactical and formal design skills in the areas of print, exhibition design, online and interactive design, the reflection of one's own actions in the respective context is an integral part of the teaching.

VFX & Animation takes up the increasing relevance of animation, digitally enhanced and hybrid moving image formats. Techniques are taught that allow for the credible integration of visual effects with real filmed content to enhance cinematic narration, as well as various forms of experimental and fictional animation to explore new forms of visual storytelling and expression.

Music & Film Informatics explores innovative media forms enabled by the creative use of devices such as smartphones, tablets, virtual/mixed reality glasses, and wearables. The spectrum of applications ranges from interactive comics and narrative forms of storytelling, interactive installations for museums, trade fairs, cultural institutions or events, to interdisciplinary artistic projects.

In two cross-media compulsory modules "Knowledge & Media" and "Media & Society", the understanding and impact of media in society is imparted, thus strengthening the sense of responsibility in the media world.

Two in-depth projects in the media form another pillar of the program. Here, actual interdisciplinary media productions are created in a team, from conception to the finished product.

The final module "Research & Media" comprises the Master's thesis and the colloquium.


The Master's degree program in Media Production prepares students for conceptual and project-based fields of activity in the media environment. It imparts skills in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary interaction with the players in the media industry and their customers. These enable future media professionals to carry out and manage interdisciplinary media productions in a professionally competent and responsible manner. With the versatile, theoretically sound and practice-oriented skills, graduates of this degree program assume a central role in the creation of complex media applications. Furthermore, they are able to contribute to innovations in their field of activity through the independent acquisition and critical reflection of new information and knowledge. The general knowledge gained about the entire media production and their knowledge about the convergence of media enables them to take up jobs in (media) companies of all sizes. The degree program qualifies students for subsequent doctoral studies.

Entry requirements


  • Film & Production
  • Design & Media
  • VFX & Animation
  • Music- & Film Informatics


The study course plans with the individual modules can be found on the webpage of the Department of Media Production.


Topics: Computer science, Media, Design, Technology and Engineering
Start: Summer semester, Winter semester
Duration: 3 semester
Credit points: 90 ECTS
Mode of study: Full-time
Acceptance: Restricted acceptance
Dual study program: Not possible
Location: Detmold
Department: Media production
Course language: German
Foreign semester: Optional
Accredited by: ZEvA
Preparatory course: no

Application Period

Germany and EU Countries
Winter Semester: 15.04. – 15.07.
Summer Semester: 17.11. – 15.01.
Non-EU Countries
Winter Semester: 15.04. – 30.06.
Summer Semester: 17.11. – 31.12.
Currently no enrollment possible

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