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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Virtual Product Development

Virtual product development in mechanical engineering makes it possible to design and construct mechanical components in the form of 3D computer models. These models can then be used to carry out a wide range of further analytic processes to test and optimize the properties of the models before they are ever built into actual components. Be part of a team solving the problems of the future!

In the Virtual Product Development degree program, you will gain not only applied mathematical, natural sciences, and engineering expertise, but also interdisciplinary competence that will help you become a successful part of development and design teams.  

Based on this expertise, you will expand and further your knowledge of computer-based, virtual methods and the possibilities of application-oriented information sciences and mechanical engineering 4.0. Your training will provide you with a good balance of new scientific knowledge and practical expertise, a combination which is highly prized by many companies today. Lecture courses, exercises and internships use the latest teaching methods and will help you become a sought-after employee when you are ready to enter the workforce.


Graduates of Virtual Product Development in Mechanical Engineering design, plan, construct and create mechanical products used in all kinds of different industrial areas. Students will have many different professional opportunities in mechanical engineering, in particular, and in associated applications. They will be qualified for a career as a designer, development engineer or project manager.

Entry requirements

  • Abitur exam / vocational baccalaureate diploma or an equivalent recognized qualification, ten weeks before the start of the 5th semester


The degree program will begin by teaching the general fundamentals of classic mechanical engineering and applied computer sciences. After the third semester, students will deepen their knowledge of specialist technical topics on an ongoing basis. The sixth semester includes a practical section with a student research project and final Bachelor’s degree.


Topics: Engineering sciences, Mechanical engineering, Digitization, Technology and Engineering
Start: Winter semester
Duration: 6 semester
Credit points: 180 ECTS
Mode of study: Full-time
Acceptance: Non-restricted
Dual study program: Possible
Location: Lemgo
Department: Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
Course language: German
Foreign semester: Optional
Accredited by: Akkreditierungsverfahren läuft
Preparatory course: Mathematics, Physics

Enrollment Period

Germany and EU Countries
Winter Semester: 15.04. – 15.10.
Non-EU Countries
Winter Semester: 15.04. – 15.07.
Currently no application possible

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