Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Vocational college teaching post with vocational specialization in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology

Vocational college instructors get students excited about their subject, and help young people through an important period in their lives. Being an instructor takes technical expertise and pedagogical skill. This career opportunity offers you very good earning potential and allows you to easily balance family and career through flexible part-time models.

The vocational college offers the widest range of diploma types available in NRW, including those available at vocational schools, training colleges, higher vocational colleges, technical secondary schools, professional secondary schools and technical colleges. Vocational colleges combine general and professional training. The staff of the vocational college also reflects the diversity of the professional world. Specialists in social pedagogy, business administration, and commercial and technical fields work side by side at the vocational college. You will jointly develop teaching units in teams and then implement them.

Cooperations with businesses are another important part of the work you will do. Instructors support their students in choosing a career and looking for an apprenticeship or training position. The working world is changing quickly, and requires professionals to train continuously. Vocational colleges offer well-equipped laboratories, workshops and learning facilities, as well as the latest content.


Due to the growing demand for instructors at vocational colleges and continued training instructors in industrial companies, graduates have outstanding professional prospects.

In addition, the degree qualifies students to register for a Master of Education (mechanical engineering) at the University of Paderborn without further requirements.

Entry requirements

Students must have an advanced technical college certificate, general higher education entrance qualification, or equivalent recognized qualification to be admitted to the program.

Application period

For a study start in the winter semester 2021/2022:

  • until 15th october 2021


After the fourth semester, students in the Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Bachelor's degree have the option of selecting a group of recommended elective modules for training as a vocational college instructor from a range of available electives.

Teaching and general pedagogy focuses on theories of education and training, and on developing teaching curricula and the education system. 

Diagnostics and support deals with learning process diagnostics, heterogeneity in schools, individual support approaches and performance assessment.

Professional training in schools and companies includes content on vocational education and the specific framework conditions of the vocational college.

Technology training offers two courses involving practical exercises and theories to learn how to teach technical content.

The internship for vocational college instructors includes an orientation internship at a regional vocational college and a specialty internship at a relevant company.


Students must complete twelve months of work in the field before training as vocational college instructors. This work must be performed by the start of the traineeship. Students must verify their fluency in one foreign language by the time they are admitted to complete the Master's thesis. A ten-week internship must be completed by the end of the fourth semester.

Traineeship: The 18-month traineeship takes place at either a center for practical teacher training or at a training school. The traineeship is completed by finishing the second state examination.


Topics: Engineering sciences, Teaching degree, Technology

Start: Winter semester
Duration: 6 semester
Foreign semester: Not required
Credit points: 180 ECTS

Location: Lemgo
Department: Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

Mode of study: Full-time
Cooperative study : Not a cooperative study

Course language: German

Central Student Advisory Service

Phone: +49 5261 702 2535
Email: studienberatung(at)



Preparatory course

Mathematics, Physics, English

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