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Conflict management

When people study, learn and work together, their different interests and goals may not always match up. This can result in difficult situations or even conflict.

The advisory board can offer support, advising and consulting to help you develop an individual solution to such situations. Alongside students, instructors or employees, the advisory board can help clarify who is responsible for the specific issue in question. Then we will discuss the next steps. The advisory board works according to the following principles:

  • Confidentiality
  • Impartiality
  • Voluntary basis
  • Self-determination
  • Consensus-oriented
  • Informal, non-judicial level

Conflict advising and mediation

In addition to clarifying responsibilities, the advisory board focuses specifically on providing support in conflict situations. Conflict advising is designed for one party in the conflict, and mediation for both parties.

Sometimes, when facing a conflict at a university you may be uncertain who to contact for different issues – or you may have good reasons why you do not want to turn to a specific person. In such situations, you can contact a member of the advisory board if you are not sure whether the board may be able to help. You will receive an individual advising appointment, and may be directed to the right contact person for your needs.

The board will maintain confidentiality towards third parties regarding any information or circumstances, personal data and discussions.


Irena Rathert, Hanna Lohau, Dr. Klaus Maas and Arnd Miels are members of the university’s advisory board.

Irena Rathert
Lemgo campus
Department I – Student affairs
Phone: +49 5261 702 5670
E-mail: irena.rathert(at)

Hanna Lohau
Lemgo campus
Central Student Advisory Services
Phone: +49 5261 702 5903
E-mail: hanna.lohau(at)

Dr. Klaus Maas
Höxter campus
Environmental engineering and applied computer sciences department
Phone: +49 5271 687 7811
E-mail: klaus.maas(at)

Arnd Miels
Lemgo campus and location Georg-Weerth-Straße, Detmold
Life Science Technologies department
Phone: +49 5231 769 6254
E-mail: arnd.miels(at)