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Our leadership guidelines

Leadership guidelines serve to establish a common and binding framework for appreciative cooperation at the TH OWL. Leadership must enable autonomous action, but at the same time have a clear focus on the university's goals.

The leadership guidelines document the self-image in the performance of tasks in a management function at the TH OWL, both in the scientific field and in technology and administration.

A manager acts and controls. The person acts in an appreciative and reliable manner and assume responsibility in and for their area. A central function of leadership is to establish framework conditions in which employees can contribute in all their diversity in the best possible way and to the benefit of TH OWL. This includes a working environment that is appropriate to their tasks and the compatibility of work and family life. Managers set a good example and ensure open and fair cooperation.

At TH OWL, the following tasks are regarded as central to the successful exercise of leadership:



  • I make transparent decisions and monitor the implementation of my decisions.
  • I stand by the decisions I make.


  • I provide clear and comprehensive information.
  • I encourage and promote the exchange of information.
  • I communicate the objectives of TH OWL to employees.


  • I encourage autonomous and independent action.
  • I give sincere praise and objective criticism.
  • As a manager, I accept feedback and actively request it.


  • I assume overall responsibility in my area.
  • I delegate tasks completely and with the associated responsibility.
  • I avoid under- and overburdening employees.


  • I show openness and appreciation towards others and others.
  • As a manager, I see diversity as a success factor and utilize the potential of different people and views.
  • Through my work, I promote cooperation and collegiality and deal with conflicts professionally.


  • As a manager, I act proactively to optimize processes and structures.
  • I support the development of my employees through systematic training and development.
  • As a manager, I provide resources to implement changes in my area.


  • I proactively support the compatibility of family and career in my area.
  • I mediate between employees in different phases of life.
  • As a manager, I am also mindful of my own resources.

TH OWL employees can find further information on the leadership guidelines on the university intranet. There is also a podcast series with a total of eight episodes in which people from different areas of the university discuss a leadership guideline with presenter Frank Lechtenberg.

To the leadership guidelines on the intranet (only accessible from the university network)