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Personnel development

At the TH OWL, personnel development is a link between the university's goals as a learning organization and the development needs of its employees. The timely and individually adapted training and further education of employees is a key to success in recognizing and expanding existing potential and thus creating and maintaining know-how.

Self-directed and self-responsible learning will play a central role in the future. The content will be much more closely aligned with everyday working life, resulting in smooth transitions between work, learning and knowledge management.

In addition to strategic orientation, the areas of responsibility of the Human Resources and Organizational Development department at the TH OWL also include individual consulting for managers and employees as well as the creation of structures and processes that promote learning.

Our offers

Training and further education

You will receive regular and needs-oriented information from us about the range of in-house training and further education courses offered by the personnel development department – also in cooperation with external partners.

Recurring events within the scope of personnel development include

  • English courses
  • Management training
  • Trainee personnel development 
  • Onboarding: Lemgo welcome tour, introductory event for employees and professors

We also arrange job-specific offers which we will be happy to inform you about and which TH OWL employees can register for. You can find an overview of the external offers on this page.

If you have any further internal or external training requirements, please contact the Human Resources Development team.

Employee appraisals

Employee appraisals have a long tradition at the TH OWL; as early as June 2008, the university administration received feedback by a large majority that regular discussions between employees and their immediate superiors can help to identify and resolve problems, misunderstandings and conflicts at an early stage, make it easier to plan training measures in line with requirements and support healthy leadership.

We see the annual employee appraisal as an active tool for discussing aspects of the work situation and cooperation without interruption and agreeing on possible improvement measures. It serves to discuss topics that are often neglected in everyday working life and is intended to promote job satisfaction through transparency and trusting communication.

Employees should also be advised and supported in their individual development. The measures adopted are incorporated into personnel development planning.

If you have any questions about employee appraisals, please contact Mr. Jörg Hagemeier, Administrative Department of Human Resources and Organisation, (Phone: +49 5261 702 5096).

Guiding principle

The aim of the TH OWL is to systematically promote the development of its employees. Efforts made here are investments in the future performance of the organization. The TH OWL understands personnel and organizational development to mean short and long-term development measures that take a holistic view of the people at the university and, in addition to individual support, are also aimed at improving the university's profile. This generally includes all measures that contribute to recognizing and expanding the skills of employees in order to bring the skills of all employees in both academic and administrative areas into the best possible alignment with the requirements of the university. Personnel development must support the goals of the organization in the long term and adapt to the constantly changing circumstances of an academic institution.

Self-directed learning will play a much greater role in the future. This is the only way to achieve the necessary fusion of work, learning and knowledge management for a flexible working environment. Learning will be geared towards the needs of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and those of the employees, with learners increasingly taking responsibility for their own learning. The Administrative Department of Human Resources and Organisation is responsible for managing HR development activities and advising managers and employees on HR development issues.

As promoters of their own employees, managers are “on-site personnel developers” and are involved in individual and job-related qualification requirements and learning objectives. Against the backdrop of demand-oriented personnel development, employees have the opportunity to indicate their own training needs and wishes.

Staying abroad for employees

It is not only our students who are mobile across national borders and gain new inspiration through stays abroad. Lecturers and employees from technology and administration can also spend up to one week abroad for teaching, further education and training measures via the “Erasmus+” programme and thus actively participate in the internationalization of OWL University of Applied Sciences.

Further information can be found here.