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Representatives and interest groups

In-house Medical Service

Center for Occupational Medicine, Prevention and Safety (ZAPA)
the von Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel

Ms Kerstin Krausen,

Equal Opportunities Officer

Ms Dr. Meike Seidel-Kehde

Further Information

Representative body for severely disabled persons

Person of trust for severely disabled people:

Mr Benjamin Alexander Weber
phone: +49 5261 702 5737
e-mail: benjamin.thiel(at)

1st substitute:
Ms Andrea Helmer
phone: +49 5261 702 5526
e-mail: andrea.helmer(at)
Location: Lemgo

2nd substitute:
Mr Michael Lang
phone: +49 5261 702 5185
e-mail: michael.lang(at)
Location: Lemgo

3rd substitute::
Mr Rolf Becker
phone: +49 5271 687 7032
e-mail: rolf.becker(at)
Location: Höxter

Further Information

Chief Information Officer

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Wrenger