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Strategic University Development and Digitization


The Board Staff Unit for University Development and Digitization has the following tasks:

  • Supporting the executive board in strategic issues and decisions
  • Development and monitoring of the University Development Plan
  • Academic reporting | Supervision of the TH OWL´s Figures Report
  • Preparation of evaluations and statistics for departments, the executive board, the administration and external agencies
  • Internal coordination and consulting for the implementation of the e-government law and the online access law at the TH OWL
  • Introduction and further development of process management (internal link)
  • Support and coordination of university projects (internal link)
  • Project coordination of the introduction of the campus management system HISinOne(internal link)
  • Project coordination of the introduction of a risik management system

Contact Persons

Strategic University Development | Head of the Board Staff Unit

Dipl.-Soz. Lisa Hürter
Phone: +49 5261 702 5620
E-Mail: lisa.huerter(at)

E-Government- und Coordination Online Access Law | Project and Process Management | Deputy Head of the Board Staff Unit

Dipl.-Inf. Simon Strüßmann
Phone: +49 5261 702 5082
E-Mail: simon.struessmann(at)

Academic Reporting | University Statistics

Sarah Zimmer, M.Sc.
Phone: +49 5261 702 5442
E-Mail: sarah.zimmer(at)

Please send data requests to hochschulstatistik(at)

Project Campus Management System

Rebekka Bröckling, M.Sc.
Phone: +49 5261 702 5650
E-Mail: rebekka.broeckling(at)

Project and Process Management

N. N.