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Executive Board

The Executive Board manages the university under the chairmanship of the President. The Executive Board is responsible for the strategic development of the university in all areas. This includes the implementation of the university development plan, the further development of the range of courses offered, the profile areas and the university organization. The president represents the university externally; he is elected for six years and his term of office runs until November 2028.


Management of the Executive Board

Ms Dr. Sandra Boedeker

e-mail: sandra.boedeker(at)
phone: +49 5261 702 2002

Secretariat of the President (Assistance)

Ms Wibke Schöben

phone: +49 5261 702 2001
fax: +49 5261 702 2008
e-mail: sekretariat-praesident(at)

Secretariat of the Chancellor (Assistance)

Ms Silke Langen

phone: +49 5261 702 2041
fax: +49 5261 702 2008
e-mail: silke.langen(at)

Special Assistant to the Vice President
for Education and Sustainability

Ms Dr. Lisa Schäper

phone: +49 5271 687 7552
e-mail: lisa.schaeper(at)

Special Assistant to the Vice President
for Research and Transfer

Ms Andrea Wallbaum

phone: +49 5261 702 5723
e-mail: andrea.wallbaum(at)

Special Assistant to the Vice President
for Culture, Communication and International Affairs

Ms Frauke Bauer

phone: +49 5231 769 6667
e-mail: frauke.bauer(at)

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