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Student Parliament

The Student Parliament (StuPa for short) is the highest student body and is made up of 25 elected student members. These members represent the opinions of all students and decide on proposals submitted to the StuPa.
The StuPa decides on major investments for the student body. In addition, the AStA speakers are also voted on at the meetings and reports from other committees, such as the Senate and student councils, are presented. All decisions made by the Stupa are implemented by the AStA.
Just like the student councils, the StuPa is elected every two semesters. The Stupa is therefore a very important and decisive body.

If you would like to find out what is going on at all of the university's campuses and would like to play an active role in shaping the university, you are welcome to get involved in the Stupa! If you are interested, follow us on Instagram! The meeting dates and short summaries of the last meetings are also uploaded there.
All meetings are open to the university public, so feel free to drop by!



Results of the survey on the panel discussion on the occasion of the 2024 European elections

The European elections are on 9 June 2024 and we are once again organising a panel discussion.

Our student body is also organising a panel discussion for this election.
The special thing about this panel discussion is that the students were able to vote on which parties should be invited.
The vote ran from 23-30 April and was open to all students.
The result of the vote can be found here.
The panel discussion will take place on 27.05.2024 at 19:30 in the Audimax Lemgo.

If you are from an EU country and cannot vote on site, it is best to apply for a postal vote at the responsible office.


Open letter regarding the current political situation

At the beginning of February, the student parliament decided to support this open letter on the current political situation together with other committees and organisations. 
By supporting this letter, we would like to demonstrate our endeavours towards a tolerant and inclusive student body.

You can find the letter here.

Next session of the student parliament

Provisional session schedule for the current legislative period.


SessionType of sessoinDate and TimeSubmission deadlineLocationSpecialityInvitation


00.Constituent Assembly04.12.2023 19:30No submissionsDetmoldConstitutionInvitation 
01.Proper session04.12.2023 20:3029.11.2023


02.Proper session15.01.2024 19:3010.01.2024Höxter Invitation 
03.Proper session19.02.2024 19:3014.02.2024Lemgo Invitation 
04.Proper session08.04.2024 19:3003.04.2024Detmold Invitation 
05.Proper session

13.05.2024 19:30

08.05.2024Höxter Invitation 
06.Proper session10.06.2024 19:3005.06.2024Lemgo Invitation 
07.Proper session08.07.2024 19:3003.07.2024Detmold Invitation 
08.Proper session02.09.2024 19:3028.08.2024Höxter   
09.Proper session07.10.2024 19:3002.10.2024Lemgo   
10.Proper session04.11.2024 19:3030.10.2024Detmold   
11.Proper session02.12.2024 19:3027.11.2024Höxter   



Applications can be submitted in writing by all enrolled students using the form available here. Motions that do not do so will be rejected or postponed.
Motions must be submitted to the Head of parliament at least 5 days before the next meeting.


Head of parliament

The head of parliament organises and chairs the meetings. You can ask general questions about Parliament and submit applications here.

Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss (AStA)

The tasks of the AStA are very diverse, but always with the aim of making life at the university easier for students.
For example, the AStA negotiates the semester ticket, rents out vans and runs a café or shop on campus.
It also helps with finding accommodation and assists international students with their first steps in their new country. The AStA is also the right place to go if you think there is a lack of bike racks on campus.
To organise everything, there are several departments within the AStA, for example a culture, sports or social affairs and equality department. If you contact the AStA, you will know directly who knows what best.

Our AStA is elected by the StuPa and has its own website where you can find everything.

Budget & Finance Audit Committee (BFAC)

The Budget & Finance Audit Committee checks and monitors the accuracy of the committees' finances. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact them here.

Communications Commission (ComCom)

The Communications Commission maintains the website and our Instagram-Account. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can write to us on Instagram or here.

Committee for Student Senate Work

The Committee for Student Senate Work supports our representatives in the Senate and serves as a point of contact for questions and concerns of students in the Senate. You can contact the committee here.

Mensa Commission

The Mensa Commission is the newest committee of the Parliament and endeavours to collect the concerns of students and convey them to StudWerk. You can contact them here.



Discalaimer: Most publications are in german only


Discalaimer: Most publications are in german only

  • Open letter regarding the current political situation (21.03.2024) This letter is only supported by parliament

Discalaimer: Most publications are in german only

Election 2022: