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In which direction does the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts (TH OWL) intend to develop in the coming years? Where does it set its thematic priorities in research, teaching and transfer? Which topics will be particularly relevant for the university and its members in the future?

The TH OWL deals with these fundamental questions within the framework of its strategy development. At various levels, the Executive Board, the committees, the departments and the administration are responsible for this.

University Development Plan 2020 – 2024

The university development plan explains the strategic development goals of the TH OWL and links them to appropriate measures. It is the strategic roadmap of the TH OWL until 2024 and enables the university to pursue its goals in times of high volatility and complex challenges.

The university development plan is based on 12 topic and development areas that are relevant to the TH OWL both now and in the future. The university development plan is accompanied by strategic controlling along the defined goals and measures. Where appropriate, quantitative and qualitative indicators are used to monitor the achievement of objectives.

University Development Plan 2020 – 2024 (pdf file)

University Development Plan as flipbook

Other strategy documents

Transfer Strategy 2030

The transfer activities of the TH OWL are embedded in the regional development strategy of developing Ostwestfalen-Lippe into a model region for digital transformation. The TH OWL makes an active contribution to this through research-based transfer and pursues a dual transfer strategy. This strategy is geared to the needs of the people in the region and addresses them in their professional and working life as well as in the context of leisure, culture, education and politics. For more information contact transfer(at)

Transfer Strategy 2030 (pdf file)

Mission Statement Teaching and Learning

Under the motto 'Future | Together | Education', the new mission statement 'Teaching and Learning' was approved by the senate of the TH OWL in May 2020. It summarizes the self-image and culture in the area of teaching and learning and is intended to provide a new conceptual framework for future decisions and developments at the university.

Mission statement teaching and learning (pdf-file)

Sustainability Concept

TH OWL has set itself the goal of becoming more sustainable. The first step on this path is the question of how questions of ecological, social and economic sustainability can be dealt with using the competences available at the university. Höxter, which has a long tradition in the scientific and practical discussion of sustainability, will play a prominent role in this process.

The sustainability concept of the TH OWL will be developed by the end of 2020 and then implemented step by step.

Declaration on Non-Violence

The OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts is a cosmopolitan university committed to diversity, equal opportunities, participation and non-violence:

Declaration on Non-Violence

External documents and agreements

Higher Education Agreement NRW 2021

The Higher Education Agreement NRW 2021 was concluded in 2016 between the NRW universities and the state government. Until 2021, it stipulates that until new higher education contracts are concluded, the agreements made on the topics of young academics, gender mainstreaming, diversity, and the inclusion of students and employees with disabilities will continue to apply.

Another component of the agreement is the financial obligations of the universities as well as measures to reduce the high number of dropouts.

Higher Education Agreement 2021 (pdf file)

Contract for the Future 'Strengthening Teaching and Studies'

The Treaty on the Future 'Strengthening Teaching and Studying' (ZSL) was drawn up by the Federal Government and the Länder as the successor to the Higher Education Pact 2020 and provides the universities with long-term funding.  In NRW, the ZSL funds are passed on to the universities according to a key with three pillars.

The agreement on the future contract with the universities in North Rhine-Westphalia is scheduled to be concluded in the second quarter of 2020.

University agreements

In addition to the general higher education contracts, special higher education contracts and agreements, for example on the Higher Education Pact and the Master's Program, apply.

Special higher education contract on the Higher Education Pact III 2016-2020 (pdf file)

Agreement on the Master Program 2014-2020 (pdf file)