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Microorganism / Species

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Vegetative cells and non-heatresistant spores
Heat resistant spores
Include results without defined stadium of the cells


Help on searching D-values of your interest

On this page you can give us some parameter for your search for d-values. If you want to browse the data, just click on the 'Start search' button. You will get the full list of 283 experiments.
Microorganism / Species
Using the left box you can choose one or more species you are interested in. If you select a genus or kingdom from the list all its subordinate items will be considered in your search too. Selecting nothing or the first entry '-' will result in no restriction according to the species.
Use this section to discriminate between spores and vegetative cells.
If you want to see results without a defined stadium of the cell too, mark the corresponding box.
Product / Medium
Using the box on the right you can restrict your search to one medium. To find only D-values for one medium select the product you are interested in. The mediums are arranged in a treelike manner.
The checkboxes below the box with the media affect the sharpness of the search carried out.
- Both boxes unchecked (not recommended): only exact matches will be found.
- 'Search for more precise media' checked: not only the product but also subcategories are found. I.e. if you search for milk, full cream milk will be found too.
- 'Search for less precise media' checked: also more general categories are found. During your search for milk, beverage will be found too.
- both boxes checked (default): both expansions will work together.
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