Technsiche Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe


B.Sc. Technische Informatik (B.Sc. Computer Engineering)

Bachelorstudiengang Technische Informatik

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Start of studies: Winter term

Standard period of study: 6 semesters

ECTS: 180

Language: German

Program accredited by ASIIN


Achievements from the field of computer engineering are a part of our everyday life. Social and economic conditions are more and more characterized by information and communication technology. The growing prevalence of intelligent systems comes along with a growing demand for computer engineers.

Computer engineering covers all fields of technology that combine electrical engineering with computers science. Graduates of computer engineering are needed to combine hardware and software, including for instance areas of onboard diagnostics for automobiles, of infotainment, of communication technology or process and quality control in production processes. The products of all these areas are based on the combination of software and hardware platforms in so-called embedded systems.

In order to enable students to understand and analyze the interaction between software and hardware, the study of computer engineering includes knowledge from both fields.

The Bachelor’s degree program is also offered as a dual Study program.

Why study at TH OWL?

Working in small groups allows for an intense support by our teaching staff. Instead of getting lost in a crowd - as an experience well-known at large universities - students can be supported individually. Teaching and science have reached exceptionally high standards at our Department. During their study students have the opportunity to learn and research in excellently equipped laboratories. The research institute InIT and the industry-sponsored laboratories offer an attractive environment and manifold opportunities for project work and the Thesis. The Department’s strength in research and in networking with the regional industry offers graduates optimal conditions to start their careers.