Technsiche Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe


M.Sc. Elektrotechnik (M.Sc. Electrical Engineering)

Degree: Master of Science

Start of studies: Winter term

Standard period of study: 4 semesters

ECTS: 120

Languages: German and English

Program accredited by ASIIN


Profound knowledge of the foundations of electrical engineering enables graduates of our Master’s degree program to solve complex research and development problems independently and autonomously. Grounded in science, this program also paves the way for a continuing academic career. The involvement of students in our research groups and the offer of learning contents from fields of management and strategy qualify graduates perfectly for prospective leadership roles. Cooperation with international partners and teams is prepared by including parts of the curriculum in the English language.  

In the first semester the program provides deeper insights into scientific fundamentals on the basis of mathematical and electrical contents. With the aim of fostering system-oriented and analytical thinking and acting, these fundamentals serve as a basis for engineering major courses with job-related content.

Why study at TH OWL?

The research foci “Intelligente Energysysteme” and ProErgo and the research institute Industrielle Informationstechnik / Industrial IT (inIT) give students various opportunities to participate in research projects and optimal conditions for the Thesis. Teaching and research are at a particularly high standard.

Working in small groups allows for an intense support by our teaching staff. Instead of getting lost in a crowd - as an experience well-known from large universities - students can be supported individually. The Department’s success in receiving external funding and in networking with the regional industry offers graduates optimal conditions to start their careers.