Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe


M.Sc. Mechatronische Systeme (M.Sc. Mechatronic Systems)

Objectives and Contents of the Master’s Program Mechatronische Systeme [Mechatronic Systems]


Mechatronics engineers are versatile generalists who work at the interface of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer engineering. Due to their broad and well-founded knowledge, they are able to combine methods and to consider technical issues holistically, i.e. beyond the boundaries of classical individual disciplines. Thanks to their interdisciplinary training, mechatronics engineers are ideal candidates for project or team management, because they understand specialists of individual disciplines and can coordinate their interfaces.
Mechatronics engineers are versatile and can fill variable occupational fields in Germany and abroad. Today, they are attractive employees in almost all industrial sectors, such as automation technology, automotive engineering, machine tool manufacturing, plant construction, drive technology, power engineering, traffic engineering, medical technology and production technology.


In accordance with the overall concept of mechatronics engineering, the master's program "Mechatronische Systeme" conveys cross-sectional contents of the disciplines electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science.
In addition to theoretical-analytical skills and guidance on scientific work and methodology, interdisciplinary and team-oriented thinking and acting as well as project management and leadership skills are imparted to the students. This enables them to assume management tasks early on.

Special features of the program:

The master’s program "Mechatronische Systeme" of TH OWL is carried out and supported collaboratively by the two departments Elektrotechnik und Technische Informatik [Electrical Engineering and Computer Science] and Maschinentechnik und Mechatronik [Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics]. In this ideal combination, a comprehensive and complete education can be realized without being dominated by a single discipline.
Application-oriented training is optimally supported by industry-related research and good networking with regional and national partner companies. Extensive research projects in the areas of electrical engineering, mechatronics and computer engineering enable the participating lecturers to integrate current content into teaching and to offer attractive topics for theses and accompanying student activities.
Due to the relatively small number of students in the master's program "Mechatronische Systeme", optimal study supervision is ensured. This prevents students from getting lost in an anonymous crowd. The students are closely involved in the research work of the laboratories. The skills for theoretical-analytical and scientific work as well as interdisciplinary and team-oriented thinking and acting are also promoted outside the courses. The students also benefit from the good networking of the laboratories within the university and with the partner companies.
The master’s program in mechatronic systems is characterized by a good organization. There is always the opportunity to respond to the individual needs and ideas of each student.