Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe


Freetime activities

During the studies we enjoyed a lot of free time activities together, which were either organized within the master program or by the students themself. Those activities were a great experience for all participants and set up long lasting memories about the time of the studies as well as strengthen our community.

Excursion 9th PEM conference WS 2019_2020

Company visit
Hiking in the "Fränkischen Schweiz"
Kürbis-/ Oktoberfest in Muggendorf
Sight seeing in Bamberg
Getting ready for the hiking to the "Werfener Hütte"
Werfener Hütte

Together with the University of Trieste, the Department of Production and Wood Technology organized the 9th International Conference Production Engineering and Management on the  3th  and 4th of  October 2019. According to the tradition, a one-week excursion was again offer for this year's conference in Trieste. In addition to visiting companies on the way (this year: ZF, Schweinfurt, Fresenius Medical Care, Schweinfurt, Continental, Regensburg, EWD, Altötting) and Sight Seeing (Bamberg, Regensburg, Altötting, Salzburg), hiking tours were also on the program. If in addition to the sporting aspect there are didactic or other goals in focus, the activities are often refer to as "outdoor training", "experiential education" or "friluftsliv". Outdoor training is for example used in leadership development. Friluftsliv is an integral part of the Studies at Scandinavian universities, while experiential education is often used in schools and youth camps.


Hiking - Summer School 2018

Preparation for the hiking with instructions from professor Scheideler and Riegel.
Somewhere in the forest on the way from Bad Driburg to Horn Bad Meinberg.

The hiking activities during the summer school were a great opportunity for the new students to get to know and talk with graduated students and students that are on the way of finishing their master.  During the hiking students were able to see more about the region (Lippe) and to enjoy a bit about the beautiful landscapes that Lippe offers. Furthermore students and Alumni get to know each other better meanwhile having fun. In this way students and alumni can keep in touch to exchange experiences and give some advices.

Vogalonga 2015/2017/2018

Team 2015 on the way through Venice.
Team 2017 on the Canal Grande
Team 2018

Three time already students from the university in Lemgo have participated at the Vogalonga in venice, Italy. The Vogalonga was established as a demonstration against the shipping traffic with big vessels and boats in and arround Venice, because this damages the fundament of the buildings in the city of Venice. The event took place for the 44th time in 2018. The first participation was iniciated by professor Riegel who supervised a group of bachelor students during a boat bulding project at the university in Lemgo. The boats are currently used for team building activities for university members. For each participation at the Vogalonga a group of students with differen study backgrounds was attending. The PEM students from Lemgo, who were on their exchange semester in Pordenone at this time, joined the event each time, even leading one of the two boats. Together all participants were able to finish the 30 km track, starting from the Piazza San Marco leading through Burano and Murano back to Venice where all students could enjoy the view on Venice by paddling through the Canal Grande. Each time the event was as outstanding experience for all participants with a lot of impressions and set long lasting memories as well as strengthen the group.

Snow excursion 2018

All participants of the Harz excursion on the way to the top of the Brocken.

In February we initiated the revival of an old tradition, which was mostly done by the wood technicians from the university in Lemgo. A short trip for two days to the national park Harz was organised to go hiking and skiing. Directly after the examination period in February we drove with two cars to our destination, a small cottage directly in the middle of the national park. The first day was used to hike to the top of the Brocken, where temperatures of -10 °C were waiting for us. The whole landscape was covered in snow and gave all participants a beautiful view during the hike. After comming back to the cottage in the evening, dinner was prepared together. The next day was used for cross-country skiing, which was for many participants the first time. All in all everyone was able to finish a 5 km track until the end of the day. The short trip was a nice experience for all students and especially for those, who never had the chance to get in touch with snow before. Thanks to the support among the students and professors from Lemgo it was possible to provide everyone with the needed equipment.

Hiking - PEM conference 2017

The PEM conference in 2017 was located in Pordenone. Therfore a group of students took the chance to participate in some excursions before and for a short stop-over in the Dolomites afterwards to make a short hiking trip.On the way to Pordenone Rothenburg ob de Tauber was visited before making a 3 day stop-over in Stuttgart to visit some companies as well as enjoy a stay on the Cannstatter Wasen and had one evening in the historical city of Ulm. After the two days lasting conference the group drove to the region of the Seiser Alm in Austria, where the hiking track was located. It was about 10 km in length and took the participants from the valley close below the snow line. The whole excursion was a great experience for all students. For the new PEM students it was a good first insight in some German industry companies. Furthermore the hiking trip was a challenge for some students due to the cold temperatures and the steep track, but everyone was able to finish the whole trip in good condition.

Football matches in Pordenone

Team 2014
Article in the local newspaper about the team of 2017.

In the past the tradition of an official football match between the students from Lemgo and Trieste has taken place during the summer semester. It was organized by different professors of the University Trieste. Teams were made by studtens from each university for one match and later mixed randomly. It was always a great experience for all players and an good distraction before the final examperiod was starting.