Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe


Get together

BBQ event 2018

In October current and former PEM students were invited for the yearly BBQ event at the wood laboratory of the university in Lemgo. It was another chance to meet the the new PEM students as well as the alumni. In addition the new exchange students from Trieste had a chance to get to know the university in Lemgo from another perspective. Due to the short time organisation the number of alumni were not as high as during the last years event. Still it was a nice event for the exchange between all the students as well as the participating professors. We are looking forward for the next gathering.

PEM alumni together with Professor Villmer on the rooftop of the University building in Lemgo

Open day 05.05.2018

Graduated students met in the HS-OWL open day and take a tour through the smart factory, accompanied by Professor Villmer. Furthermore they got to know the new laboratories that were constructed after their graduation for example the FabLAb|OWL. Also they got in contact with the Human Robot „NAO“. After the tour through the Smart Factory they used the time to make a nice walk and finally having nice talk by a nice dinner.

Students, professors and alumni joined the BBQ event at the university in Lemgo.

BBQ event 2017

The annual BBQ event to welcome all new PEM students took place in October after a small group of students came back from the PEM conference from Italy. The PEM students from Lemgo and Trieste had the chance to get in touch with the alumni while having dinner together in the wood laboratory of the Universty in Lemgo. With about 50 participants including students, professors and staff the evening was a success to start together in the winter semester.

Smart Factory Tour
All the group together on the rooftop of the University enjoying the nice view
Students and Former students with Proffesor Villmer having a nice walk in Bad Salzuflen

We did it again! Open Day TH OWL 04.05.2019

On the open day from the TH OWL, graduated students, students and Prof. Villmer spend one day together getting to know the new changes from the University; for example, they had a visit to the “Smart Factory” in order to get in contact with   the new technologies available. Furthermore, the students had the opportunity to observe the sun with the telescope that is located in the seventh Floor.This “get together” created the possibility for the students to get some hints from former students regarding internships and other advices. The group had a nice walk in the Kurpark in Bad Salzuflen ending with a nice evening having dinner all together.