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IT-Systems in Production Management

Learning outcomes/Competencies:

  • Students learn fundamentals of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the importance of integrated information systems
  • Students earn basic knowledge of working with ERP systems
  • Students understand different process modeling methods
  • Students are able to implement operations using ERP systems (e.g. customizing)
  • Students are able to compare and appraise different ERP systems
  • Students know about ERP introduction strategies and modifications 1. Introduction to ERP-Systems

Content/subject aim:

1.1 Fundamentals of ERP

1.2 Structures of Order Management

2. Data Management

2.1 Master Data Management

2.2 Operation Sheet and Production Equipment Data

2.3 Numbering System

3. Production Management

3.1 MRP - Material Requirements Planning and MRP2 - Manufacturing Resource Planning

3.2 ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

3.3 APS - Advanced Planning

4. ERP and Business Process Implementation

4.1 Production Program Planning

4.2 Production Requirements Planning

4.3 Internal Production Planning

4.4 External Production Planning

4.5 Common Functions

5. Technical Information Systems

5.1 CIM - Computer Integrated Manufacturing

5.2 EDM – Engineering Data Management

6. SCM - Supply Chain Management

7. CRM - Customer Relationship Management

8. Lifecycle Management

9. Selection of ERP Systems

This module is used in the following degree program: (in semester-no.)

(3) Production Engineering and Management (M.Sc.)

(2) Produktion und Management (M.Eng.)

(2) Holztechnologie

Weight of grade for final grade:

5/120 M.Sc. Production Engineering and Management

5/90 M.Sc. Holztechnologie und M.Eng. Produktion und Management

Other information / literature:

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