Technsiche Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe


Teaser (Rechte Spalte)

Course contents

In the course of the semester, students will increase their communication skills and their ability to operate in English in diverse situations.

Students will particularly develop their ability to engage in conversations on economic, business, technical and general topics, for example leadership, business organisation, finance, individual success, customer services and inter-cultural communication. Throughout the course students are encouraged to take an active part in complex discussions in order to further their ability to express personal opinions in a professional manner and to increase their confidence in spoken English. As well as participating in role plays and discussions, students are given the task of collecting and analysing information in order to prepare for presentations. Various language activities advance reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, as well as consolidating and expanding students' knowledge of syntax and grammar. As well as essential business vocabulary, thematic glossaries are developed in the students' relevant area of study (logistics, production technology, or wood technology) and language training is carried out through practical exercises, study of lexical and semantic features and translation tasks.