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Oral examinations in English

In faculty 7 we carry out group speaking exams in both the winter and summer semesters. Here you can find the most important information you need to be well-prepared on the examination day!

One week before the exam period starts, please go to Mrs. Rudolph in the faculty office to sign up for a specific exam time. For group exams you can decide which fellow students (three to four in total) you wish to have in your group. Please make a note of your exam date and time! The exam room will be posted on the news board in plenty of time.

Examination content
Any text or topic area studied throughout the course could be in the exam, so please make sure that you are familiar with them all. Being familiar with the texts means that you can talk confidently about their content as well as the specific vocabulary, phrases, rhetoric and idiomatic language used by the author. Any grammar or language aspect from the module can also be tested. The rest of the exam time will be used for free speech and conversation. New aspects from your own reading and research can also be included in the discussions and be examined.

Examination techiques
The examination could include any of the following elements:

  • Grammar or language exercises to warm-up at the start of the exam.
  • A special question relevant to one of the topics studied in class. You have five minutes to prepare your answer and make brief notes to structure your response.
  • A broad question on one of the texts studied - used as a springboard for discussion and free speech.
  • You could be given a known text and asked to translate a small section, or explain the literary techniques used (e.g. irony), or talk about the author's attitude and opinions.

What the examiners are looking for
First and foremost, you will be marked on your fluency in English. The style and quality of your speech, particularly your pronunciation, intonation and naturalness of expression will be examined. The marking criteria also include the sophistication of your sentence structure, range of vocabulary and use of idiomatic language. The content, structure and development of your responses and arguments will also be taken into account when giving your final mark.

On the day of the examination
Come to the exam healthy, well-rested and prepared! Please make sure you are there punctually!