Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe



The program is a full time study program (4 semesters).

This course of studies is characterized by its high degree of choices in the first semester and a well matched program for the two semesters abroad (second semester in Lemgo, third semester in Pordenone).

The four-semester study regularly starts in the winter semester, but as a student from the EU it is possible to start in the summer semester in Lemgo.Besides many different subject modules in German or English, a module, like Advanced Business English and/or International Management Skills, from the elective subject group “International Competences” has to be completed in the first semester. The regular first semester takes place in Lemgo and prepares the students for the following mandatory semester in Pordenone (north Italy). The third semester will be spent studying in Lemgo, together with the fellow students from Italy. The fourth semester is reserved for the master thesis and two mandatory modules. The location can be chosen by the students, but the rules for the master thesis are given by the home university. 

The fee structure of this master thesis will be as following:
Lemgo: approx. 296,00 € (for the first, second, third and fourth semester) = 1.184 €
and additionally aprox. 200.00 € (for the second semester)

The exam language depends on the language the course module is held in. 

In the first semester the TH OWL also offers course modules in German, those will finish with a German exam. All course modules of the second and third semester are held in English and thus the exam will be in English. The Master Thesis, written in the fourth semester , must be written in English and thus the final exam will be in English, too. It will take place as a video conference with an examiner of the partner university participating.

For this study, no more than 20 students of each university can enroll.

In this Master`s program the ETC system is applied. For each credit 30 hours are assumed, which are only partially covered by the contact hours with the lecturer. If the students struggle with the language, the work load will probably be higher. 

There are no study groups organized by the university. It is expected that study groups are created independently. The Master`s program`s tutors are responsible for organization and do not offer technical tutorials.

The semester starts on September 1st. The lectures will start in the middle of September.