Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe



The program is a full time study program (4 semesters).

First semester: 6 courses 
Second semester: 5 courses
Third semester: 6 courses
Fourth semester: Seminar, Scientific Internship and Master-Thesis.

First Semester (Lemgo):


  • Advanced Mathematics

International competences (chose 1 of 2)

  • Advanced Business English (English)
  • International Management Skills (English)

Free choice:

  • Human Resource Management (English)
  • Prozessstabilisierung (German)
  • Nachhaltige Entwicklung holztechnolog.Prozesse (German)
  • Industrielle Oberflächenbeschichtung Holz (German)


It is possible to select courses from the third semester course plan (this will be necessary, if you want to study the whole course in English language)


Second Semester (Pordenone):

  • Product Design and Engineering
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Special Machineries and Processes
  • Materials and Technologies
  • Operations Management


Third Semester (Lemgo):

Choose 2 of 4

  • Strategic Management
  • IT-Systems in Production Management
  • Data Structure for Production Technology
  • Data Analytics 

Choose 2 of 4

  • Structure and Processes of Logistics
  • Rapid Development and Technologies
  • Automated Complex Installations
  • Robust and Adaptable Production Systems

Choose 2 of 4

  • Product Costing and Advanced Planning
  • Innovation Management
  • Advanced Production Technologies and Optimisation
  • Digital Transformation


Fourth Semester

  • Master-Thesis
  • Seminar
  • Scientific Internship


handbook of modules