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3rd RMB and 16th Docomomo Germany Conference 2019

100 YEARS BAUHAUS: What Interest Do We Take In Modern Movement Today?

100 YEARS BAUHAUS: What Interest Do We Take In Modern Movement Today?

DOCOMOMO Germany with the Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture, Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences (OWL UAS) and the EU project ‘Reuse of Modernist Buildings‘ (RMB) invite you to the 16th DOCOMOMO Germany and 3rd RMB Conference.
The International Conference in Berlin takes the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus as an opportunity to discuss the significance of modernity in the 21st century. The conference focus will be on the concepts, visions, and impulses emanating from Modern Movement and how they can be related to today’s social, economic, cultural and in particular creative issues.

Are the social, spatial and constructional concepts formulated by modern movement and post-war modernism still sustainable today?

What role do cultural and climatic conditions play in the preservation, renovation and transformation of spaces, buildings, and modern
movement sites?

How can the basic ideas of classical modernism be continued 100 years later and thus contribute to solving current challenges?

What contribution can be expected from academic and professional education, and which learning formats are suitable for this?

The 2019 DOCOMOMO Germany event will move from Karlsruhe and be held for the first time in Berlin, Neukölln at the Werkstatt der Kulturen. It continues the tradition of the Karlsruhe DOCOMOMO Germany Conference. This year the conference is co-organised by ‘RMB‘, a project that is funded by the EU and coordinated by the OWL University of Applied Sciences. RMB initiates a pedagogical framework on a European level on the reuse of modernist buildings based on common definitions, methods, and approaches. RMB prepares a Joint Master on Reuse of Modernist Buildings. This cooperation of DOCOMOMO Germany and RMB resulted in a new conference format: a combination of invited keynote speakers and selected scientific lectures under the theme of ‘What interest do we take in the Modern Movement today?‘.

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