Universiteit Antwerpen

The University of Antwerp is an internationally oriented research university with a student body of 20.000, whereof 13 % are international students. It is characterised by its high standards in education, internationally competitive research and entrepreneurial approach. It offers 30 Bachelor, 63 Master, 24 Advanced Master and 24 postgraduate degrees - all Bologna compliant - organised in 9 faculties, 48 centres and 20 institutes. 23 programmes are entirely taught in English. Doctoral programmes are available in all faculties. ECTS is fully implemented in all study programmes. UAntwerp boasts 5 Research Centres of Excellence and counts several internationally renowned research groups. Concerning its educational policy UAntwerp focuses on 4 domains: nexus education/research, competence-oriented education, student centred and active learning and internationalisation.

The Faculty of Design Sciences at the University of Antwerp has a student body of 1500 and offers 4 Bachelor programmes (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Conservation-Restoration, Product Development) and 6 Master programmes (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Conservation-Restoration, Product Development, Heritages Studies, Urban and Regional Development). Five research groups (Heritage and Sustainability, Henry van de Velde, Product Development, Urban Studies Institute and Centre for Urban Development) focus on domains such as design support systems, integrated design, strategic design, design and urban cultures, and material culture and design.