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DOCOMOMO International

DOCOMOMO is an acronym standing for documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement. It is a non-profit international organization, created in 1988, in the Netherlands, due to the significance of the Modern Movement, specially its uniqueness during the most radical years of the twentieth century, being under deep scrutiny. At the end of the 1980s, many modern masterpieces had already been demolished or had changed beyond recognition, due to not be considered to be heritage, that their original functions have substantially changed and that their technological innovations have not always endured long-term stresses. Its complexity and worldwide diffusion has been the concern of many scholars and professionals who have put efforts in establishing DOCOMOMO within the legacy of the Modern Movement.

DOCOMOMO aims to:
- Bring the significance of the architecture of the Modern Movement to the attention of the public, the authorities, the professionals and the educational community.
- Identify and promote the surveying of the works of the Modern Movement.
- Promote the conservation and (re)use of buildings and sites of the Modern Movement.
- Oppose destruction and disfigurement of significant works.
- Foster and disseminate the development of appropriate techniques and methods of conservation and adaptive (re)use.
- Attract funding for documentation, conservation and (re)use.
- Explore and develop new ideas for the future of a sustainable built environment based on the past experiences of the Modern Movement.”