Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe



Our modern society expects healthy, secure, tasty and ethically immaculate foods which are conveniently available, and include consumer’s information in their delivery. On the other hand, there is the necessity to fulfil the basic needs of a world’s society which will soon reach 10 billion people, from shrinking agricultural areas. Between these priorities, growing challenges for work conditions, sustainability, quality, and economy are arising. With its foundation in 2011, the ILT.NRW has dedicated itself to the mission of food quality and safety. Up to the present, we have deepened this subject, extended it and translated it into both current and pioneering areas of application. For the Institute of Food Technology NRW at OWL University of Applied Sciences, Smart Food Technologies, Safe and Healthy Food and Sustainable Food Production Processes are therefore technical and technological challenges for the future, which are reflected in the research work of our platform themes.

All members of the institute are experts in their fields with many years of project and industry experience, individuals who share the common objective of improving food production.Since success in such a multi-faceted field of work calls for interdisciplinary collaboration, the ILT.NRW not only possesses pilot facilities for food manufacture but also laboratories for process engineering and scientific research. Our vision and strategic concepts enable us to overcome any structural barriers that could stand in our way.

The need for innovation in the food industry is great: global issues are desperately in need of scientific solutions and smaller-scale technical problems are also looking for answers with a pragmatic implementation. The Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences is the exactly the right partner for these kind of tasks: with its institute ILT.NRW as a hotbed of research and powerhouse of ideas, with its strong »Life Science Technologies« department as a wellspring for the next generation of specialists, with its powerful network throughout the industrial and scientific community, and with its experience in procuring public funding. We have the necessary research infrastructure to translate creative approaches to solutions into new products and processes. Our strength lies in our lasting relationships with strategic partners and the durable structures we have put in place to cultivate them.