inIT - Your Research Partner for Industrial Information Technologies

inIT - Your Competent Research Partner for Industrial Information Technology

The Institute Industrial IT - inIT at the Technische Hochschule OWL is one of the leading research institutions in the area of industrial automation. Currently it employs more than 70 people in competences: Industrial Real-Time Communication, Industrial Image Processing and Distributed Real-Time Software in public funded collaborative or bilateral projects.

The inIT is located in the middle of East-Westphalia-Lippe - one of the most important clusters of mechanical engineering and industrial electronics - in Germany.

Here you´ll find the current anual report.


We harmonize information and communication technologies (ICT) with the challenging demands of industrial automation applications. As a result we want to strengthening the position of the German machine and plant engineering and adjacent application domains.

The annual report of the institute can you finde here.

Vision: Internet for Machines

Our vision: Internet for Machines

To be more flexible and to produce even faster, communication within producing companies has to be without borders. Our motto "Where IT meets automation" portrays our vision of an Internet for Smart Machines, where the information needed is available at the right time and at any place with the required quality.

This vision is a prerequisite for intelligent technical systems like adaptable machines, which can adjust itself to rapid changing customer requirements.

What is Industrial IT?

A lot of innovations for increasing the productivity of machines and plants are driven by Information Technologies (IT) and Industrial Automation Systems. The core elements of Industrial IT are networked embedded real-time systems  or Cyber-Physical Systems. We connect the so far separated science fields of computer science and industrial automation.

Center of Excellence as a Foundation

The Institute Industrial IT (inIT) is concerned with interdisciplinary industrial informatics research since the beginning of 2007. The start-up phase of the inIT was funded through the programme "Kompetenzplattform (KOPF)" (Center of Excellence) of the Ministry of Innovation, Science, Research and Technology (MIWFT) of the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia. inIT is the first research institute of Technische Hochschule OWL. All research projects are carried out in close cooperation with other scientific institutions and partners from the industry. 


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Lohweg
Institute Director inIT - Institut für industrielle Informationstechnik
Telefon: +49 (0)5261 702 2408 oder 5937
Fax: +49 (0)5261 702 2407

Prof. Dr. Dr. habil. Carsten Röcker
Deputy director inIT