High Frequency Engineering

Final theses (diplom, bachelor, master, practical projects) are offered from running research projects and/or industrial co-operation.

Development of Coexistance Optimized Radio Systems (Research Project)

Coexistence describes the ability of a system to work sufficiently in the presence of other systems and to avoid interfering other systems. As it is often required to install multiple radio technologies for different kind of applications, they have to share the ressorces space, frequency, time, coding, and polarization. Coexistence optimized radio systems will improve the quality-of-service (QoS) features and will enable a higher spatial usage of radio technology. The current research challenge is to design and to realize radio systems for industrial applications that should not only exhibit good transmission quality while operating as a standalone system but should also be able to achieve the desired quality of service (QoS) in a so called coexisting environment.

Radio Channel Characterization and Emulation (Research Project)

Determining parameters for application related system features of radio systems are the radio technology, the environment, and the device characteristics. Reproducable system measurements of radio systems are not possible in real environments but they are possible with channel emulators. The challenge is to characterize the real environment with appropriate measurements and implement the relevant parameters into the emulator.

Current Projects from Industrial Co-operations

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