Our superordinated technical focus in industrial information technology are networked embedded real-time systems. With our competences in this field we are able to precisely collect information, network and process them efficiently. From this triad the following methods and technology oriented fields of competence of the inIT are derived:                                            

  • Industrial communication
  • Industrial image processing and pattern recognition
  • Intelligent analysis techniques in automation

These areas of competence are parameterised by corresponding projects in the two fields of application, industrial automation and document security.

Industrial Communications

Industrial communication is an important field of our institute. It represents the backbone of each distributed automation solution and has to fulfill particular requirements which differ from the IT communication. As an example, we would like to mention the necessary real-time capabilities, robustness and reliability in industrial applications.

Our current topics in this area of competence are:

  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Industrial Wireless
  • IT Security
  • Systematic testing of communication systems
  • Plug-and-Play

Real-Time Image Processing

Industrial image processing and pattern recognition becomes further established as a key enabler technology in producing companies. Quality assurance via optical measurement strategies, machine conditioning and product analysis, as well as man-machine-interaction are some of the main issues in this area. The institute is working on interdisciplinary approaches based on technology, biology and perceptual psychology in the area of real-time image processing. The main focus lies on image processing methods on the one hand and algorithmic and implementation aspects on the other.