Motion Control with synchronous ethernet networks

Project Duration: 3.1.2009 to 30.11.2009 (Finished)
Area of Research:
Project Manager: Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Schriegel


In order to realise co-ordinated movements (Motion Control) high-performance real-time communication systems with a high ability and synchronous process data are needed. Ethernet networks do not provide the required properties. With the help of protocols such as PROFINET IO with IRT or IEEE 1588, which is based on the ethernet standard the required properties can be achieved.

Our institute focuses on research and development on these high-performance, synchronous Real-Time Ethernet (RTE) systems. For testing our results as new protocol approaches and new optimized implementations (IP-Cores and FW-stacks) and in order to illustrate the results of our work to students, research and industrial partner, a demonstration system will be implemented in this project.


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A universal, FPGA-based platform will be used. For the power electronics EBV Elektronik was won as a development partner: The “Falcon Eye” Development Kit will be used. The servo motors are supplied by Danaher Motion and the encoders are provided by Heidenhain. The inIT takes over the implementation of the mechanical construction, the implementation and testing of communication interfaces and the integration of the entire system with control loops.


The Demonstrator was presented to the public at the HANNOVER MESSE 2009.  


EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co KG
Danaher Motion





Daniel Kirschberger (Bachelor)
Implementierung einer ressourcenschonenden Architektur eines universellen Real Time-Ethernet Switch und Erprobung an einem Servoantrieb (Details)

Contact Person: Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Schriegel
Research Assistant: Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Schriegel , M.Sc. Karl Voth , Sascha Heymann