Sichere Produktion mit verteilten Automatisierungssystemen

Project Duration: 1.7.2011 to 30.6.2014 (Finished)
Area of Research: Industrial Communications : Industrial Ethernet, Industrial Communications : IT-Security
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Stefan Heiss , Prof. Dr. Jürgen Jasperneite


Within the framework of the project SEC_PRO important contributions to increase IT security in Ethernet based communication networks for automation technology shall be developed, tested and realized in cooperation with the project partners.

Besides the specification and realization for an extension of an industrial Ethernet protocol, which addresses basic it-security functionalities, the innovative approach is based on a consistent use of hardware based security tokens to secure communication relationships on the protocol and application layer. Especially trusted computing principals should be considered. In addition to this the prospects to use security tokens for protection against product piracy should be investigated and realized prototypic.

Main topics are:

  • Use of hardware-supported protective measures (smartcard, TPM) in automation technology

  • Investigation of measures for protection of automation equipment with the help of integrity checks for the realtime data transfer

  • Analysis of the realtime behavior of such protected networks

  • Analysis of manageability and acceptance

  • Use of hardware security modules to protect components against product piracy

  • Investigation of topologies for automation networks with high availability demands under specific consideration of IT-security related threats

Research institutions:

  • inIT, Lemgo
  • Fachhochschule Hannover, Hannover


Project partner:

  • ABB Automation GmbH
  • ABB Forschungszentrum (Corporate Research)
  • Innominate GmbH
  • KW-Software GmbH
  • Phoenix Contact GmbH
  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Image: Sichere Produktion mit verteilten AutomatisierungssystemenImage: Sichere Produktion mit verteilten Automatisierungssystemen

Funded by: BMBFGrant ID: 17060B10
Funding: FHProfUnt
Contact Person: M.Sc. Stefan Hausmann , Prof. Dr. Stefan Heiss