Using Ethernet at the shop floor level promises a new quality of seamless connectivity between the office and the industrial domains of producing companies. Furthermore is becomes possible to bring IP-based applications directly to the machines.


However a lot of scientific and economical questions must be answered before deploying Ethernet at the field-level of automation systems. Our research activities in Realtime Ethernet are focussed to PROFINET-IO, especially RT-Class2 and RT-Class3 systems.




  • Realtime Ethernet for Sensor/Actuator Networks (ESANA) » Details
  • Performance Evaluation of Industrial Ethernet Switches (iPERF) » Details
  • IP-Core of a Realtime-Ethernet MAC (RT-MAC)


further Projects:

  • Performance Evaluation of a Real-Time Protocol for Ethernet used in future Industrial Automation Systems  » Details
  • Performance evaluation of the PROFINET NRT data channel » Details


Contact: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Jasperneite