Lemgo Series on Industrial IT

In the Lemgo series on Industrial Information Technologies selected master's theses and project reports are published.

Up to now the following issues have been published:

Vol. 1

Jasperneite, Jürgen; Schumacher, Marcus: ESANA: Echtzeit-Ethernet für die Sensor/Aktorvernetzung, BMBF-Abschlussbericht, ISSN 1869-2087, 2009 (german)

Vol. 2

Imtiaz, Jahanzaib; Jasperneite, Jürgen: SmartPN-  Simplified PROFINET, ISSN 1869-2087, 2009

Vol. 3

Lohweg, Volker; Niggemann, Oliver; (Eds.) : Machine Learning in Real-time Applications (MLRTA09 - KI 2009 Workshop),  ISSN 1869-2087, 2009

Vol. 4

Schwalowsky, Stefan: System integration of the ɛ-WiFi indoor localization system based on IEEE 802.11 WLAN, Master Thesis, ISSN 1869-2087, 2010

Vol. 5

Hausmann, Stefan: Design and Implementation of an automated certificate infrastructure for secure computer networks (VPN) in industrial automation, Master Thesis, ISSN 1869-2087, 2011

Vol. 6

Trsek, Henning; Jasperneite, Jürgen; Heiss, Stefan: RAvE: Real-time Automation Networks in moving industrial Environments, Project Report,  ISSN 1869-2087, 2011

Vol. 7

Faltinski, Sebastian: A dynamic Middleware for Real-time Automation Systems, Master Thesis,  ISSN 1869-2087, 2011

Vol. 8

Stefan Hausmann, Jan-Christopher Brand, Alexander Miske, Stefan Heiss: SKAT - Secure networks (VPN) in automation, BMBF-Abschlussbericht, ISSN 1869-2087, 2012