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Zhang, Fan; Pinkal, Kevin; Wefing, Patrick; Conradi, Florian; Schneider, Jan; Niggemann, Oliver: Quality Control of Continuous Wort Production through Production Data Analysis in Latent Space. In: ICIT Melbourne, Austrilia, Feb 2019. (Details)


Conradi, Florian; Wefing, Patrick; Pinkal, Kevin; Zhang, Fan; Niggemann, Oliver; Schneider, Jan: Inline progress measurement of the ß-amylase rest in the mashing process employing a near infrared transflectance probe. In: Trends in Brewing, Gent Apr 2018. (Details)

Wefing, Patrick; Conradi, Florian; Fuchs, Max; Pinkal, Kevin; Niggemann, Oliver; Schneider, Jan: Laboratory Plant for a closed loop-controlled continuous (CLCC) Mashingw. In: Trends in Brewing, Gent Apr 2018. (Details)

Nisic, Tatjana; Conradi, Florian; Niggemann, Oliver; Pinkal, Kevin; Schneider, Jan; Wefing, Patrick; Zhang, Fan: Food meets IT: der Digitale Zwilling erobert die Lebensmittelindustrie. In: IM+io Mar 2018. (Details)


Pinkal, Kevin; Niggemann, Oliver: A New Approach to Model-Based Test Case Generation for Industrial Automation Systems. In: 15th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN 2017) Jul 2017. (Details)