Untersuchung des Übertragungsverhaltens auf der Zugsammelschiene für die Datenübertragung in Zügen

Autor : Johannes Leimig
Betreuer : Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Witte
Typ : Bachelor
Forschungsbereich : Industrielle Kommunikation
Kurzbeschreibung :

Ethernet-based communication systems have become the standard of modern data transmission. Future plans foresee an Ethernet-based communication system to be implemented in the trains of the Deutsche Bahn AG as a service- and- information system. Since for reasons of cost reduction no new lines are to be installed, this paper will examine the implementation of a power line communication system that can be installed on the “Zugsammelschiene”. The aim of this thesis is to analyse the transmission behaviour of the “Zugsammelschiene” for sending data in trains and to determine where to install the coupling units. In the first step, the structure and function of inductive power linecouplers are analysed and the transmission behaviour of the “Zugsammelschiene” is examined. Measuring this behaviour in a railway passenger car of the Deutsche Bahn AG, allowed allow different locations for the coupling units to be tested. The findings provide answers to the question whether data transmission on the “Zugsammelschiene” is possible.

Kontakt : Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Witte