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Summer School: Animal Conservation - from Field to Lab

Hosted by Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland from 04-13 July 2022. Erasmus grant for short-term mobility available.

In modern world the human influence on natural habitat is the main threat to wildlife. There is an urgent need of understanding how we can manage and preserve populations of wild animals in changing environment. The aim of summer school is to show how different techniques (both field and lab) can contribute to animal conservation.  

We want summer school students to have the opportunity to visit current conservation and management projects in Poland, as well as national parks and other protected areas, to learn and obtain field skills. They also will have possibility to meet experts working in the field of biodiversity, both scientists and practitioners (from Poland and other countries). Data collected in the field will be elaborated in the laboratories of Institute of Animal Sciences.  

The application is now open and the rolling application period runs until 30 April 2022. 


More detailed info concerning  the Animal Conservation - from Field to Lab  is available at: https://www.euroleague-study.org/en/animalconservation

The Animal Conservation - from Field to Lab is a blended course with a virtual component provided before starting the physical part of the course. Therefore students can apply for an Erasmus grant for short-term mobility. PLease contact the TH OWL INternational Office for more information: anne.kulasi@th-owl.de